Rensselaer Model Railroad Society Membership Application

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Members receive regular e-mails re: club happenings, and can attend all operating sessions, open houses, work sessions, and special events. Members are expected to contribute regularly to the overall goals and objectives of the Society. Attendance at any function is never required, but the presence of any nonstudent member must be an asset to the Society and the student membership, and members must not abuse the layout, the rolling stock, or the property of others.

Friends of the NEB&W and Donors are welcomed to all open houses, and also receive regular e-mails. Both donors and non-student members are considered guests of the Rensselaer student membership; as only Rensselaer students may vote or hold office in the RMRRS. If possible, the student officers would like to meet first with each potential non-student member before accepting your membership.

All RPI student members and also community members at the level of $60 a year or more receive a complimentary subscription to our website. However, you must request this.

Equipment used during open house and operating sessions is provided by the club and individual members, and is determined by which items best contribute to the overall theme of the session. Because of the electrical system used, all engines must be equipped with a DCC decoder. During the open house and steam era sessions, the NEB&W mainline is limited to the appropriate NEB&W lettered locomotives while connections and transfer runs are made using the appropriate foreign road power.

Today's Date __________
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(Please check all applicable categories)
Donors (Tax Deductible)
____ $500 Patron (Life membership)
____ $180 Sustaining (10 years)
____ $100 Supporting (5 years)

____ $60 Non-Student Membership (1 year)
____ $0.0 Rensselaer Student Membership

____ New
____ Renewal
____ Address Change

Name ______________________________________________
RPI Class (students and alumni only) __________
RIN (RPI students only) ______________________



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____ RPI Student
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____ Rensselaer Faculty/Staff
____ Other

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Visa __ MC __ Number: ______________________________ Exp. Date _________
Checks should be made out to: "RMRRS".
Dues may be mailed to the address below:

Rensselaer Model Railroad
RPI Student Union
110 8th Street
Troy, NY 12180