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When you send us money via Paypal, the system is supposed to automatically sets up your membership account - although right now I have to manually do this. And it used to be, I knew to do this from the Paypal statement saying someone had just set up a subscription. I NO LONGER GET THIS. YOU HAVE TO CONTACT ME - nehrij71 at (which you can also do BEFORE you set up your subscription).

Your username will be your name ("John.doe"). When I set this up, it will generate an automatic email sent to you with a temporary password. This password will expire in 24 hours from the time you send the first Paypal notice. When you log in during this time frame, it will prompt you to create a new permanent password - which can be anything you want. (Should you not get a chance to do this soon enough, I can easily reset your password.)

If you don't hear from us for a day or two, contact me asap (nehrij71 at

If at any time you can't access the site and your membership is up to date - NEVER ever hesitate to contact me to correct it. (If you aren't sure of your membership status, also don't be afraid to ask.)

Sending A Payment

We give you a couple of options to pay.

  • You can join for just a given time at the rate of $8 per month (less than 30 cents a day).

  • Subscribe through the PayPal automatic subscription system at the rate of only $5 per month (17 cents a day). This is a recurring payment. (The difference between the $8 a month and the Paypal monthly subscription rate of $5 is the amount of processing we have to do at this end.)

And please note, all the following is for membership in this site. You can get a complimentary membership in our club once you have paid $60 or more. (In other words, if you subscribe, you can get your complimentary membership after a year's membership in our site, or right away for $60 or more.) For more info about membership in the RPI club, go to this section.

  • Click on the button below, and send us a subscription via Paypal.

Subscribe for only $5 a month. Cancel at any time.

Pay For at $8 a month, ONE TIME PAYMENT.

Please note - when you set up the subscription payment with Paypal, you are entering into a contract WITH PAYPAL.

Whenever you want to cancel this, you have to go to THEM to do so (and they will send us a notice you have done so). We CAN NOT modify, change and most importantly cancel the contract you have with Paypal. There are "cancel" buttons all over this site to get to Paypal to cancel. But again, WE CAN NOT CANCEL your contract with them.

(Yes, if you subscribe and then cancel after the first month, it only costs $5, but if you pay for just one month, it costs $8. But we are confident once you see how valuable this information is, you will want to remain a member.)
Either form of payment through Paypal, the subscription or the one-time payment, will automatically set up your account and generate the automatic email with your temporary password.

  1. Once you are signed up, please give us feedback on a regular basis as to what features you like best - in particular, what era - so we know where to direct future efforts. ( Contact us.) And welcome aboard!

  2. Please understand this is a small scale operation (in terms of people working on it). We make every effort to make it work, but Rudeness will NOT be tolerated!

How Safe Is PayPal?

  • Some people have expressed concern about giving their credit card number to PayPal and the number being sent over the web. Will has pointed out that each time you pay with a credit card in a restaurant, department store, etc., the same internet is used to transmit the number so you can be approved. AND there is a hard copy on the merchant's receipt in the store that could be potentially taken and misused. On the other hand, security is PayPal's "bread-n-butter" so you can be sure they have the most state-of-the-art.


  • If you subscribe through the PayPal automatic subscription system, you can cancel at any time by going to your PayPal account. If you encounter any problem with this, please let us know. (We can NOT cancel your contract with Paypal to deduct the $5 amount each month. You HAVE to go to Paypal.)

Public Access Sections

The following sections of this site are open to the general public:

Submitting Your Corrections, Etc.

Please send information in small chunks, such as an addition to a single entry or at most, a single page, per e-mail, even if it means lots of e-mail messages rather than one very long one.

If you are writing about our comments on kits, please be clear as to what kit. The kit number is essential, but also the type of kit (say, not just "Accurail kit no. so and so", but "Accurail single-sheathed box car" or a steel plug door, or whatever). The easiest you make it for us, the more likely the comments will go in right away.

You might also want to write in exactly as it would go in. Put quotes around it, and write it in the third person (i.e., instead of "I think this", write "he thinks this"), so we just can cut and paste the comment and add "According to . . ." in front.

You can email me at: nehrij71 @ (remove the space on each side of the @ symbol).

If you want to send hard copy, you can mail it to: John Nehrich
P.O. Box 301
Troy, NY 12181

Thanks. - John

PS - I am beginning to get over my head in responses. Sometimes I'm not working on our site, so I put the message aside and forget about it, or just haven't gotten to it yet. I should acknowledge any comments you send, either by letting you know when I've used it, or maybe reply back to you with more questions. If you haven't heard in awhile, try again. Meanwhile, I apologize in advance if something you sent has gotten lost. - JN