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(This section is about membership in the NEB&W club and gives you a complimentary membership in our website. For other membership options in our website, go to this section.)

Our Model Railroad Society is recreating historically accurate scenes of upstate New York and Vermont, strung along the mainline of the fictitious New England Berkshire & Western. We feel that the layout has historical relevance to the non-modeling community, too. The Society is a volunteer organization, and as such we are understaffed and underfunded, especially as we are a student group. We could use your help as a donor or member. Any funds will be greatly appreciated. We also are looking for donations of new or used equipment, as even items we can't use on the layout can be sold to bring in income.

Members can attend all operating sessions, open houses, work sessions, and special events. Members get a special discount in membership in our Railroad Heritage Website. Members are expected to contribute regularly to the overall goals and objectives of the Society. Friends of the NEB&W can attend one operating session per year.

Equipment used during open house and operating sessions is provided by the club and individual members, and is determined by which items best contribute to the overall theme of the session. During the open house and steam era sessions, the NEB&W mainline is limited to the appropriate NEB&W lettered locomotives while connections and transfer runs are made using the appropriate foreign road power.

Donors (Tax Deductible)

  • $500 - Patron (Life membership. Includes full subscription to our website.)
  • $180 - Sustaining (10 years. Includes full subscription to our website.)
  • $100 - Supporting (5 years. Includes full subscription to our website.)

Membership Level


All members get a complimentary subscription to our website, although you have to request this.

  • $0.0 - RPI Student (Free but we need your RIN number.)
  • $60 - Member (1 year)

Membership Application