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National Organizations:

Delaware & Hudson Railroad

Rutland Railroad and Railroading in Vermont

Other Organizations, Clubs and Historical Societies

  • The 470 Club - Founded to commemorate the last run of steam loco no. 470, it has developed into a general historical society with collections of both prototype railroad equipment (on display at North Conway, NH) and photo archives of New England railroading.

  • American Rails - Informational guide to American railroading covering all aspects of the industry.

  • Canadian Freight Cars - an extremely complete all-time roster for Canadian roads (including private owners) and also any US subsidiaries such as Central Vermont, all painstakingly compiled by Ian Cranstone.

  • Canadian Freight Cars - Info on post-steam freight cars.

  • Pendon Museum - Bill Badger said that U.S. modelers might find this English layout interesting. It is the model his friend Robin Harding is involved with. Badger said their modeling is considered the standard in the UK against which others are measured.

  • Your Railroad Club Here - Your description, too.

Commercial Sites