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  • Union Street (so named because it ran in front of the Union Station) mostly had the backs and carriage houses of the fashionable row houses that faced Fifth Avenue. On the north end were buildings that were part of the Gurley Complex.
    Between Grand and Fulton, on the west side, were carriage houses for the rowhouses on Fifth.

  • The Sanborn Fire Insurance map c. 1951 for the block between Grand and Fulton.

Grand St. to Fulton

  • The northern end of this block along the east side contained carriage house, the south end was the east side of the Gurley building.

  • Carriage houses.

  • East side of the Gurley building.

Fulton to Broadway

  • This was the block across from the depot. The depot fronted Union along the east side, but has its own entire section.

  • Panoramic view.

Second Gurley Annex

  • The north end contained a long Norman Romanesque brick structure, probably built right after the Great Fire of 1862.

Romanesque Gurley Annex

  • The building next to this was probably built in the 1890's, a type of Richardson Romanesque. This, too, became part of the Gurley complex.

Little Buildings

  • There were a bunch of small shops, etc. along here, of which we have little info since they have been torn down.

Parking Lot

  • On the northwest side of Broadway and Union was a tall brick structure at one point (c. 1900) which is discussed in the Fifth Ave. section. By 1950, it had been torn down and made into a parking lot for the depot.