NEB&W Guide to Troy, NY - State Street, Third St. to Fourth, South Side

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City Hall

  • City Hall was on the corner of Third, but burned in 1938. Around 1944, the site was made into Barker Park. This is discussed in the Third St. section.

St. Anthony's 1964 Church

  • St. Anthony's church was built about the center of this block around 1964, moving from their original church on the corner of Fourth. St. Anthony's takes up part of Barker Park, as it is on the west side of the alley that bisects the block.

Lovelock Hotel

  • The half of the block from the alley to Fourth is currently a parking lot for St. Anthony's. There used to be a row building and church (probably the original St. Anthony's) that faced State St.

Corner of Fourth

  • This corner has a long history. Originally there was a wood house here which in 1806, taken over by the Quakers as a meeting place.

  • In 1874, the Quakers disbanded and the site sold to the First Unitarian Church, who built a High-Victorian Gothic Church facing Fourth, the following year. It was sold to St. Anthony's Catholic Church in 1905. It was said to have been renovated before it reopened two years later, although what they did to the exterior, if anything, I don't know.

  • In 1964, St. Anthony's built a new church directly behind this one. (I suspect the reason they took over half of Barker Park for this new one was so they could complete it before tearing down the older church.) Today this corner is a parking lot for the new St. Anthony's.