NEB&W Guide to Troy, NY - Laundry Place

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  • Laundry Place is a little alley between River and Fifth.


  • Aerial view c. '48, looking north, with Fifth Avenue running up through the center of the photo.

  • Sanborn map for the section between River and Fifth. (Two stores on Laundry facing the tracks had been torn down only a year or two earlier.)

  • Our track is slightly skewed from the prototype and still very much under construction.

  • Looking west from Tower No. 3.

Two Stores West of Laundry Place

  • Looking northwest c. 1917 shows the two stores just west of Laundry Place. They were still standing c. '48, gone shortly later (but we have modeled them on our layout).

On The Layout

  • The fronts are a bit unique, with the one on the left with two sizes of windows, and the other with so much space between the windows and the storefront.
    Most of these photos are off the layout.

Rowhouse, No. 15 Laundry Place

  • There was a freestanding two-story rowhouse on the east side of Laundry (no. 15), facing the tracks. (This building still stands today, 2004.)