NEB&W Guide to Troy, NY - King Street

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Troy Street Directory Table of Contents
Troy Table of Contents
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King veers off River up by Cluett, Peabody, at Jacob it angles back to River.

River to Jacob

  • This the north end of this two-block street. On the west side is the old Troy Waste Co., discussed in the River St. section.

East Side

Jacob to River

  • This is the south end of this short street.

West Side

East Side

Panoramic Views

  • Looking south.

Working South

King Street (From 388 to 452 River)

  • Working north, from the Troy City Directories.
    • 2) A. M. Markstone Shoe Store, c. 1895 (photo).
      American Food Market meats, 1950-'53.
    • 4) Markstone (?) c. 1895 ad.
      Miss J. Teufel, The King Street Milliner, c. 1895 (ad and photo).
      Fruit Land, 1950-'53.
    • 6) Ann's Dress & Uniform Shop, 1950-'53.
    • 8) Lester H. Harris, rest., 1950.

River & King

  • At this point heading south, King Street runs back into River. The wood building attached to No. 386-388 River has a King Street address (Nos. 2, 4, etc.)

  • The backs of this building are very picturesque. (Love to model it, wouldn't want to live here.)