NEB&W Guide to Troy, NY - 7th Street

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Troy Street Directory Table of Contents
Troy Table of Contents
NEB&W Layout Table of Contents

  • I'm not sure if this was 7th Street or 7th Avenue. Sixth was an avenue, 8th, a street.


  • Since we don't model this far north on our downtown scene, I simply haven't been paying the prototype much attention.

Hoosick St. to Hutton

Hutton St. to Jacob

  • The tracks crossed the street diagonally about half-way down the block. This is near where the tracks crossed under Hoosick.

Fulton St. to Broadway

  • The edge of our layout is along the alley on the far side of the powerhouse and RR YMCA. So anything east of that would be in the aisle.

  • The view from the depot looking due east, with a freshly shopped NYC Pacific. Apparently, as part of the 1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration (100th anniversary of Fulton's first steamboat trip, 300th anniversary of Henry Hudson's trip up his namesake river), the New York Central parked one of their state-of-the-art locos on the furthest track from the depot.

  • On the corner of Broadway and 7th, the east side, was the Protestant Episcopal Church Home.

Broadway to State

Earl & Wilson Collar Co./Hudson Valley Technical Institute/HVCC

  • This was at the southwest corner of 7th and Broadway. See this section.


  • To the south of the collar company was a continuous block of rowhouses.

State to Congress

  • There was a school here, still standing but now occupied by county offices such as Motor Vehicles.