NEB&W Guide to Troy, NY

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NEB&W Layout Table of Contents

  • This Troy section is undergoing a massive re-organization. Please bear with us.



Aerial Views

Eddie Lau's Virtual Tour - First Draft

General Discussion

Friends of Historical Troy

Hudson River Railroad Lift Bridge

River Street

North Leg of the Wye (River St. to Jacob & 6th)

Fifth Avenue

East Leg of the Wye (6th from Jacob to Grand)

6th Avenue

South Leg of the Wye (River St. to Grand & 6th)

Federal Street

Tower No. 2 Area (6th between Grand and Fulton)

Grand Street

Fulton Street

Troy Union Depot

Union Street


Red Light District (Broadway to State Street)

State Street

Congress Street Tunnel, State to Congress

Congress Street

Unknown Locations

South Troy

North Troy

East Troy

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute