NEB&W Guide to Tank Cars - Table of Contents

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Freight Car Guide Table of Contents
Rolling Stock Table of Contents


General Steel Tank Cars

Parts & Details

  • Precision Scale Co.
  • Selley
  • Tichy

Specialized Tank Cars

Van Dyke Frameless Tank Cars

  • Precision Scale Co.

Two-Dome/Compartment Cars

Three-Dome/Compartment Tank Cars

Four-Dome/Compartment Cars

6-Dome/Compartment Cars

"Chemical" (Propane) Steel Tank Cars

"Butterdish"-Type Tank Cars

  • Ambroid
  • Funaro & Camerlengo
  • Red Ball/Cannonball Car Shops

Multi-Tank Tank Cars

Barrel Rack Cars

  • Ye-Olde-Huff-n-Puff

Lengthwise Multi-Tank Cars

Crosswise Multi-Tank Cars

Vertical Multi-Tank Cars

Segmented Tank Cars

Wood Tank Cars

Vertical Tank Pickle & Water Cars

Horizontal Tank Vinegar & Water Cars