NEB&W Guide to Rutland, VT - Railroad Yard

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19th - Early 20th Century

  • The yard at Rutland, VT dated back to the mid 19th century. The overall general arrangement continued to bear a resemblance nearly a century later. Bob Nimke's 9 volume series on the Rutland devotes an entire volume to the railroad's namesake (Volume II). The last big changes occurred in 1919, so that is a good dividing line.

After 1919

  • The 20th century yard after the final major changes of 1919.

  • Some panoramic color views:

South End

Ice Houses

  • There was an ice house at the south end of the yard, which later was deemed not large enough, so a larger structure was built adjacent in 1921. The older one developed quite a lean in later years.
See this section.

South End Shanties

  • Right next to the overpass were a couple of shanties and old box cars used as such. See this section.

Engine Terminal


1919 Modernization

North End Industries

The Model

Not Modeled