NEB&W Guide to Reefers - Table of Contents

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Freight Car Guide Table of Contents
Rolling Stock Table of Contents


Parts & Details

  • Cannonball Car Shops
  • Champion Decal Co.
  • Overland Models Inc.
  • Tichy

Wood/Composite Reefers

Shorty Reefers

40-Foot Wood Reefers

50-Foot Wood Reefers

Single-Sheathed Reefers

  • Roster
  • Models
    • Accurail
    • Ambroid
    • Funaro & Camerlengo
    • Westerfield

Steel Reefers

40-Foot Steel Reefers

Reefer Models With Four-Foot Wide Doors

Reefer Models With Five-Foot Wide Doors

"Belt-Rail" Reefers

Plug-Door Reefers

  • Roster - A-B, C, D-L, M-Z
  • Models
    • Accurail
    • AHM
    • C&BT Car Shops
    • Funaro & Camerlengo
    • Model Die Casting
    • Revell
    • Train-Miniature
    • Walthers

50-Foot Steel Reefers

Milk Cars

Milk Train Data Pack

Dry Ice Cars