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This section is to chronicle all progress on the layout and related, in chronological order. This is going to be like our Facebook page except if you click on a photo, it will link you to the section where it is explained in depth.



  • Both Tom Amrine and I are cranking away on rolling stock projects (and Greg Whittle is crawling around under Rutland yard making repairs) but we don't have anything definite to show. - JN

  • My main focus has been on making more RPO cars, mainly NEB&W ones. I have started with three 70-foot steel RPO-baggage cars like the Rutland got (there very last new rolling stock purchase during steam days). I had previously kitbashed two AHM RPO-baggage cars into a model decades ago but since then, got a class diagram with basic dimensions, so I am replicating the first one I did so they all match. (The earlier one will be used as backup in operating sessions.)

May 20-23

  • Tom keeps cranking away with tons of rolling stock projects.

  • Last couple of days, I've been modifying a Walthers dining car to make it look like a New York Central one (because the D&H purchased one second-hand so this will be an NEB&W car - confused yet?) I added strips to divide the windows in half, which was easy. But the prototype in case did NOT have air conditioning so we wanted to switch roofs for a plain one, without the air-conditioning duckwork. Come to find out, many models of 80-foot passenger cars are slightly different in length and "almost" doesn't cut it with passenger cars. I took an AHM diner roof and cut out about 18 scale inches to make it match the length of the Walthers body.
    But then there was a problem with the ends - use the Walthers ends which match the sides but the contour doesn't match the AHM roof, or use the AHM ends which don't match the sides. Finally went for the Walthers ends which required lots of sanding to lower the curve.

May 19

  • Tom and I attended a slide show at the Rensselaer County Historical Society of photos along the right-of-way in Troy in 1929. Amazing views.

May 5-18

  • Been negligent on keeping up with this account. Tom and I have been working pretty much every day on rolling stock. -JN

May 4

  • Tom Amrine has started back in on working on a lot of rolling stock.

  • I learned a bit about Canadian head-end cars.

May 1 & 2

  • Relaxation and recovery.

April 30

  • Full operating session all day. Collapsing afterwards.

April 29

  • Frantic getting ready for the operating session.

April 28

  • Tom Amrine got the replacement track back in for the mainline at South Junction, where there used to be a bridge.

  • I got a replace combine built for the stock MDC one we have been running to North Creek. Tom got this painted as well as the model I built of no. 224, so my made-up combine will be used for the O&LR for the time being. Tom got these all painted, including repainting Bill Gill's NYC express reefer with darker green everywhere except some lighter patches, as seen in period photos. - JN

  • I started adding posterboard for the open benchwork areas at South Junction. - JN

  • Tom got a small section of front panel replaced at the north end of Port Henry.

April 26

  • Matthew Germanowski and Chris Vigorito worked on the signalling system.

  • Tom Amrine started the massive setup required for the upcoming operating session.

April 25

  • Tom Amrine as usual is working on things all over the place. He got the rails back in across the gap where the bridge was in South Junction.

April 24

  • Tom Amrine continues to work here, there, and everywhere.

  • I got a second Walthers Smith's General Store kit so I'm back to working on my kitbash, intended for Chateaugay.

April 23

  • Bill Schneider is finishing up modifications of the Bachmann 2-6-0 to represent Rutland no. 144 (and lettering it for the NEB&W).

  • Tom Amrine and Tom Amrine still working on track repairs.

  • I made a couple of cornices for a block of stores in Rutland, using the new Tichy corbels. - JN

April 22

  • More of the same.

April 21

  • Chuck Haley and Tom Amrine worked on fixing some track problems.

April 20

  • Chuck Haley cleaned track for our forthcoming operating session.

  • Tom Amrine is working to replace the bridge on the main in South Junction with regular track.

April 19

  • Bill Gill added interior details, did some weathering on this coach, and send along this last photo. (Rutland coaches 551 and 552 were built by Osgood Bradley in 1913. These closed-vestibule 18-window cars were 68 ft. 3 ins. long and seated 72. No. 551 wound up on the Green Mountain and having been restored, used to run on their excursion trains - along with combine 260, the only two ex-Rutland cars in their consist).

  • Tom Amrine is doing some repair work on track in prep for the forthcoming operation session.

  • I added Greek Revival-type trim to the eaves of a building for Chateaugay. - JN

April 18

  • More work on the Smith's General Store kit.

  • Test shots of Accurail's new shorty wood box car models.

April 17

  • Tom continues to work on a myrid of projects, including modifying the ends of the Bowser GLa in order to represent a Rutland-type hopper (for the NEB&W).

  • I have been working on modifying a Walthers Smith's General Store kit for Chateaugay.

April 16

  • Tom Amrine is repainting and touching up four Broadway Limited elevated crossing gate towers.

  • Daniel Santos tested our new CN 2-6-0.

  • I have been modifying Grandt Line shutters to make them slight shorter to fit on a Walthers Cornerstone building. - JN

April 15

  • Work happens just about every day but not always anything to say about it, being a continuation of stuff already mentioned.

April 14

  • Got a new Bachmann CN 2-6-0 for the O&LR.

April 13

  • Got an Bachmann undec. GE 70-tonner to work the O&LR.

  • Added some more glazing, windows shades, curtains, to the row of stores by the Rutland St. overpass at the south end of our yard.

  • Daniel Santos tested our new Bachmann BAR Geep and GE 70-tonner.

  • Will Gill worked on the Peck's Coal scene in Cohoes including carving more strata lines in the rock outcroppings and adding more concrete foundation under the coal bunker itself.

April 12

  • Tom Amrine is working on the NEB&W combine for North Creek and an O&LR combine for a mixed train coming into Chateaugay.

  • Got a Bachmann BAR Geep to represent the EMD loco that the Rutland - I mean the NEB&W - used to test against the Alco RS-3 demonstrator.

  • Painted, weathered, added glazing, shades, and curtains to our model of 204 Water St. in Burlington, VT.

  • Got Rio Grande Models for a Jordan Spreader, Ditcher, and a D4 Caterpillar tractor for Geoffrey Thomas to work on.