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One-room school house models are "cute" and thus there are a bunch of models available. Bigger schools are rare on layouts, and models for same are pretty much non-existant.

Alexander Scale Models

wood craftsman kits

  • 7750 School House - According to the review in the Nov. '66 Railroad Model Craftsman, this kit is very closely based on the Morse Lake School in Kent County, MI. It was a simple three-window long frame structure which was said to have been painted white, although the reviewer pointed out most were painted red.
    Originally there was a school built in 1855, constructed of logs. Not sure when this clapboard structure was built to replace it. The model is about 3-1/2 inches by 7 inches, and 4-1/2 inches to the top of the belfry.

Bachmann Models

styrene kits

  • School House - This would seem to be a two-room school.

Campbell Scale Models

wood craftsman kits

  • Country School House - According to the review in the Feb. '77 Model Railroader, this wood craftsman kit is based on a rural one-room school house built in Iowa in 1879. It is 18 ft. 9 ins. wide and 24 feet long. It has a fairly steep roof, and you could easily cut down on this to greatly change the look of the building.


  • 02-9036 School House - This is the familiar Revell station, with a new roof to eliminate the section that forms the umbrella-shed type porch on the track side and eliminates the dormer above the operator's bay. Instead, they added a bell tower.

While this kit has some nice extra detailing parts for the school yard, I've never seen any school house that looks like this. A station is a station, very distinctly designed for its specialized functions, and a school house is not alike. (And frankly, I'd use this kit as a station - maybe center the bell tower and repaint the building in more railroad-type colors.)
Or I'd save the roof and bell tower, and scratchbuild the four walls, making them nice and simple. (School houses were communally built and generally one-room school houses were on the poor end of designs.)


styrene kits

  • 4104 School House - Single story building with simple bell tower. Leave off the tower and it can be used for any number of simple buildings.


styrene kits

  • School House - Revell took their station kit and changed the roof to make a quasi-school house. See the discussion under Con-Cor.

Sequoia Scale Models

  • 4065 One-Room School House

Turner Model Works

  • 8001 One-Room School House


styrene kits

  • 933-3603 Rocky Point Lighthouse - This comes with a single-story red and white house, which I think would make a handy-dandy school house if separated from the lighthouse. (Find another house kit for the light tender's house and your lighthouse will look different from everyone else's.) I guess the dormers on the roof don't really belong on a school house, and they do add a lot of charm. And you probably should add a bell tower. But at least the kit comes already painted red.

  • 933-3607 School House - A one-room school house.
I'd cut away the height, both below and above the windows, which would make it actually look bigger.