NEB&W Guide to Needed Work on Our Layout

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NEB&W Layout Table of Contents

This is not intended to be a list of EVERYTHING we need to do. (We could just write "finish layout".) It is just the next step(s) for each project underway.

Here is a list of some projects we need help with (starting south to north):


  • We are just gearing up for this and mostly need (to start) help in making various parts which have been a bottleneck on many structures. See this section.


Lumber Piles

  • Piles of stacked lumber (lumber racks in Rutland yard, background of Vergennes, North Creek behind the depot).
    For the longest time, I thought we had to stick to real wood as nothing it seems looks like it. But just recently, I've noticed the stripwood we have had for a long time is slowly getting darker. So we are going to have to make these piles from plaster castings or other casting materials.
  • Just got new silcone rubber to make molds.
  • Have to make some masters, pour rubber, etc.

ALPS Printer

  • Get newer computer capable of handling images. DONE, Oct. 2012.
  • Install printer driver for the ALPS printer.
  • Do signs, etc.
    • Duffy's trackside wall.
    • Grain store in North Creek.

South Troy

Menands Bridge

  • Just a couple of TT-scale period autos for the Menands bridge model. It has built-in perspective, meaning it gets progressively smaller toward the backdrop. We want to put a few vehicles on the bridge and they need to be graduated sizes. (HO, N, and Z are no problems.)


  • Add door.
  • Sign "Ironworks".

Horseshoe Warehouse

  • Walthers conveyors connect the two buildings.
  • Weather the brick.
  • Paint sills a gray.
  • Coping on south end.

Workers' Houses

  • Explore south Troy and historical societies to find examples of appropriate period detailing.
  • Rebuild front panel to make the street perpendicular to Polk St.


  • Add 1/8 inch "ground".
  • Front steps - determine the type and build same.

Background hills

  • Foliage.


Three Stores on Congress

  • Glaze storefronts.
  • Build up the ground in the backyard.
  • Repaint the red back porch to make the color flatter. DONE, Nov. 2012.
  • West wall windows - shades, curtains, shutters.
  • Front, shutters. DONE, Dec. 2012.

Bumstead Chevrolet

  • Bumstead Chevrolet needs the back wall of the rear annex scratchbuilt, both the annex and the brick wall "bambi-browned". DONE and DONE, June 2012.
  • Far walls and roof applied to the annex. DONE July 2012.
  • Brick decals applied. DONE August 2012.
  • Stone or concrete added under north corner of brick wall.
  • Wrecked or damaged autos, especially Chevys, for the roof of Bumstead Chevrolet which is were the body shop was. (You can't squash a regular auto model as they don't deform the same way as a scale one would.)
  • Interior.
  • Art Deco birds for the front.
  • Fire escape.

Rockwell Backs

  • Begin planning. DONE, Feb. 2013.
  • Begin work. DONE, Feb. 2013.

Towers 1 & 2

  • Anyone want to build a model of Towers no. 1 and 2?

Laundry on Broadway

  • Cornice.


  • Platform for power house.
  • Pipe fence on retaining wall.
  • Determine location of tool house.
  • Add foliage to supply piles.
  • Work on RRYMCA.

Tower 3

  • I thought Tower 3 was going to be kitbashed from a Walthers interlocking tower. Too small. Have to figure out the overall dimension and scratchbuild it. DONE - found measurements I feel secure in trustings, Jan. 2013. Still have to build it.

Irma's Groc.

  • Needs stairs. DONE July 2012.
  • Rowhouse next to it needs weathering on the side wall. DONE 2012.
  • Herringbone brick.


  • See if newer window castings from Tichy or Grandt are a better match to the prototype (heightwise).


  • Glazing in the white triangular building on Fifth and Federal.

  • Scratchbuild little brick building next to Le Porte garage.

  • Brick wall behind Betty's. DONE, Dec. 29, 2012.

Rutland Yard

Block by Overpass

  • Start work again on this.
  • Cornice on the pair of wood buildings.
  • Front of the tiny Texaco station has to be redone.
  • Had made the Texaco station foundation to represent fieldstone but in knowing it was built in the 20th century, I've decided it should be concrete.

Section House

  • Build. DONE, Dec. 28, 2012. (Needs final painting.)

Old Ice House

  • Ventilators on roof.
  • Weather more.
  • Ice machinery at the south end.

Old Roundhouse

  • Still trying to decide should the windows in the rear wall need to be blanked out or made open. Trying to find out exactly what it looked like in 1950.
  • Needs back walls given bracing, coping on the parapets, glazing. (Got Mikey's Fruit Stand kit with heavy timber bracing for this.)
  • Weathering the wood sections.
  • Glazing.
  • Tarpaper the roof.

New Roundhouse

  • Get windows laser-cut. DONE, Feb. 2013.

Machine Shop

  • Rest of the windows added to the machine shop, along with dormers.
  • Determine if the sides of the dormers were covered in slate shingles.
  • Figure out how to do them and then add the windows over the side doors.
  • Add cornice brick trim to west wall.
  • Dormers for annex building.

Scrap Bins

  • Ramp at each end.
  • Fill with scrap.

Lumber Bins

  • Repair warped roof corner.
  • Fill with lumber.

Freight Car Repair

  • Got to figure out the brick cornice trim on the freight car repair. DONE Aug. 2012.
  • Other end wall. Built and painted first coat, Sept. 2012.
  • West wall. DONE, Nov. 2012.

Powerhouse Coal Trestle

  • Remove Homasote and plywood for this. DONE, Nov. 2012.
  • Build tie retaining wall. DONE, Nov. 2012.
  • Make bents. DONE, Nov. 2012.
  • Paint, weather bents.
  • Add coal, ground material.
  • Install.

Pine Street

  • Add dirt and foliage alongside sidewalk below coach shop.

Hugh Duffy

  • Sidewalk - DONE July 2012.
  • Tarpaper coal shed roof. DONE Aug. 2012.
  • Additional sheds. DONE Aug. 2012.
  • Smooth terrain, south side.
  • Truck scale.
  • Shift main wall to give more clearance to the mainline.

Troy Feed & Supply

  • Tarring added to the seams on the annex shed at Troy Feed. DONE June 2012.
  • Etch corrugated aluminum and glue on shed roof. DONE July 2012.
  • Venetian blind in front window. DONE July 2012.
  • Posters. DONE Nov. 2012.
  • Install in shifted position.

Armour Plant

  • Collapsed stockyard behind the Armour plant.
  • Scenery along base of building on the trackside. DONE, April 2013.
  • Storefront.
  • Glazing in front windows.
  • Sign painted on brick wall.
  • Sidewalk.

John Welch

  • Repaint coal shed dark green. DONE, Aug. 2012.
  • Heavy weathering. DONE, Sept. 2012.
  • Glazing added to John Welch. DONE, Sept. 2012.
  • Shades.
  • Corner trim in clerestory section.


  • Have to loosen sand and glue mixture with damp paper towers, remove enough for the cobblestone road material. DONE, Jan. 2013, and got the new cobblestone street installed and given first coat of gray.

  • Remove Plexiglas shield at north end to all work.

  • Give the street a wash of mud brown.

  • Kitbash sidewalk.

Fagan's Coal

  • Coal chutes added to Fagan's in Lansingburgh.

Green Island

  • Ray's needs to be weathered (the brick) and shades, curtains, etc. added.

  • One-story store next to it needs glazing in the back windows, a chimney/stovepipe, extra material under the rear wall to level it, some interior detail. Glazing - DONE, Aug. 2012. Leveling - DONE, Aug. 2012.

  • Sidewalk along George St on the west side needs to have the line of concrete nearest the street replaced with dirt and grass or herringbone brick.

  • House along backdrop on George St. needs a front porch.

  • Other houses there need to be made as flats, using the paper cutout already there.

  • Street along freight house needs to be painted light gray, given a smear of black shoepolish.

  • We have several sheets of plastic mirrors which need to be cut down.

Signal Dept.

  • The base for the signal dept. needs to be cut out from styrene and styrofoam so is can be worked on off the layout and not warp. DONE, July 2012.
  • Base has been spray-painted an awful mix of colors (that was sitting there in spray cans). This has to be allowed to dry and then the final color brush-painted on. DONE Oct. 2012.
  • Several buildings in the signal dept. need roofs. DONE, June 2012.
  • Chimneys, stovepipes. DONE, July 2012.
  • Connecting annex between the two buildings, C and D, has to be built. DONE Oct. 2012.
  • Shed A has to be built. DONE Aug. 2012.
  • Dullcote all the glazing in all the windows.
  • Buildings laid out on the base. DONE Oct. 2012.
  • Wood fencing for any open areas. DONE, Oct. 2012.
  • Wood picket fence.
  • Revell chicken coop. DONE, Jan. 2013.
  • Details.
    • Velocipedes - only know model was made by Sequoia but not longer in production. Have to find a few.

Bridge & Building Dept.

  • The long building in the bridge and building department needs shutters, weathering. Pipe storage building with doors open need pipes. DONE June 2012.
  • Dullcote all the glazing in all the windows.
  • Install long building.
  • Weather remaining buildings.
  • Gantry crane.
  • Sawhorses.

Yardmaster's Office

  • Needs base.
  • Needs weathering.

Sweet & Doyle

  • Sweet & Doyle needs the brick bambi-browed and weathered. Another coat of gray on the window sills. And all the glazing added.

Center St.

  • Grade crossing for spur for Sweet & Doyle needs planking between the rails.

  • House next to tracks from GI needs to be built as a reduced-depth flat.

  • Have to decide if the street should be modeled as a dirt street, and if so, how do we change the road already done. DONE - Tom Amrine made a convincing argument that it was SNOW in the photos, not dirt - Aug. 2012. (So we can leave it as macadam.)

  • Are there sidewalks on the Manning side? DONE, July 2012. (There are "three" squares deep concrete sidewalks there but so low, cars can drive up and park next to the building.)

Central Markets

  • Ground around Central Markets needs to be leveled. DONE June, 2012.
  • Sidewalks installed along the near side and the street side. DONE, Jan. 2013.
  • Central Markets needs to have the brick sections repainted Southern Frt. Car Brown, bambi-browned, weathered.


St. Bernard's Church

  • Finish steeple, cut down in height, paint. DONE, Aug. 2012.
  • Find spires.
  • Weather all wall surfaces.
  • Ivy.
  • Back wall.
  • Grotto.
  • Raise ground, add side street, retaining wall, iron fencing.

George House Warehouse

  • Determine how much it can be narrowed and still look like the prototype.

Faux Mill

  • Brace tower.


  • Downtown streets need to be determined as to how wide and how wide the sidewalks should be.

  • Green house in outskirts needs to be finished.

  • Ditto for the other houses, which mainly need porches.

  • Welch & Gray needs the background building wall along the wall built (in perspective).

  • W&G needs that wood fencing that Marvin built made into sheds (by added roofs).


  • A model of one of those funky steam cranes.

  • C&P shorty flat cars with marble loads (static models).

  • Single-story section of the marble plant:
    • Add windows.



  • Brick trim in the gables.
  • Trim over the windows and doors.
  • Slate roofing.
  • "Umbrella shed" roofing all the way around.

North Bennington

  • Stockyard:
    • Cut away scenery material to install the stockyard.
    • Trackwork.

  • Roundhouse:
    • Figure out which door versions we are doing. (See the prototype photos under the Whitehall section to see what I'm talking about.)

    • Add more brick trim to the left long wall.

    • Give the right long wall a second coat of brick red.

    • Give a second coat to the back wall segment.

    • File and sand the corner of the long right wall to a 40 degree mitered angle.

    • Glue the back wall segment to the long right wall.

Lake Richelieu

  • We need more summer cabins for all along any shorelines, including houses in smaller scales.

Grand Isle

Post Office/General Store

  • Paint white with dark green trim.


  • Build reduced scale mockup.

South Hero


  • Weather model. DONE by Marcie, June 2012.
  • At some point replace it with a better model.


  • Small-scale sailboats, very tiny ones.

Lake George

  • Other period boats, particularly steamboats.

  • The pergola. Got to make a master for a tapered column half-round. And design the middle section which is a problem since we don't have the room to do it full depth.


  • Needs the one turnout installed - this is holding up all the scenery, installing the covered bridge, etc.

  • Backdrop that Bill Gill has designed needs to be printed out on one long sheet of something durable.

  • Finish road bridge.

  • Determine how much to reduce the scale of the post office up on the hill behind the depot.


  • Trackwork.

  • Enclosed water tower.

  • Miniature trees for Orwell on the lift-out sections. (Or backdrop.)

Larrabee's Pt.

  • Trackwork.

  • Build Diamond Scale Models turntable. (Just the table, pit is done.)

  • Cattle ramp.

  • Redo warped tarpaper roof on plywood factory.

  • Trestle ruins.


  • Background line of trees.

  • Stacks of cut lumber for Shade & Roller.
  • Determine how lumber is stacked on uneven terrain.

  • Fix track to Jackman's.

  • Lay out the oil dealer using the Sanborn, "ballast" the buildings in place. DONE, Jan. 2013.

  • Light weathering of depot.

  • Install Sheffield Farms


Chatham Block

  • Chatham tower block needs to have a roadway alongside the tracks measured by doing a pencil rubbing with the block in place.

  • Block needs to be removed (it is a lift-out) so it can be worked on again - two-person job.

  • Last buildings need their side walls finished, roofs added.

  • Figure out and drill for all the poles per the prototype.

  • Add grass, etc.

North Creek

Grain Store

  • Lettering on the walls, lay out, print out, apply.
  • Weather building.