NEB&W Guide to Hoppers - Table of Contents

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Freight Car Guide Table of Contents
Rolling Stock Table of Contents



Open Top Loads




Twin Hopper Cars

GL-Type Fishbelly-Sill Hoppers

USRA-Type Twins

GLa & Other Pre-USRA Twin Hoppers

USRA Twin Hopper Types Roster

Lower USRA-Type Twin Hoppers

  • NEB&W Green Dot

USRA-Type "Panel" Cars

Fishbelly Side Hoppers (1930's-'50's)

Channel-Side Hoppers

SSC Channel-Side Hoppers

Other Channel-Side Hoppers

  • Stewart

Other Ribbed Twins

7-Panel Hoppers

  • Hobbyline

Bigger 8-Panel Hoppers

  • Athearn
  • Eastern Car Works
  • Model Die Casting

8-Panel Maxends Hoppers

9-Panel Hoppers

10-Panel Hopper

"Triple-Twin" Hoppers

10-Panel PS-3 Hoppers

  • Models
    • Train-Miniature
    • Walthers

"Missing" Rib Hoppers

Spiderweb & Other Oddball Hoppers

Wood Hopper Cars

Four-Wheel Coal & Ore Jimmies

Seley Hopper Cars

  • Roster - A-L, M-R, S-Z
  • Models
    • Funaro & Camerlengo
    • Smoky Mountain Model Works

Other Early Composite Hoppers

Later Composite Hoppers

WWII War-Emergency Hoppers

Rebuilt Steel Hoppers

Twin Offset Hoppers

Short Taper Offset Twins

Long-Taper Offset Twins

Long Taper Offset Twins With Peaked Ends

Quad Hopper Cars

Ribbed Quad Hoppers

12-Panel Pennsy H21/H22/H25 "Sawtooths"

  • Bowser
  • Roller Bearing Models
  • Westerfield
  • Parts & Details
    • Bethelehem Car Works

(12-Panel) Skirted Quad Hoppers

Other Steam-Era Ribbed Quads & Quints

14-Panel Quad Hoppers

Offset Quad Hoppers

Triple Hopper Cars

Ribbed Triple Hoppers

Wood Hopper Cars

9-Panel Triple Hoppers (N&W Hp Hoppers)

10-Panel Triple Hoppers

USRA 70-Ton Hoppers
N&W H2/H3

11-Panel Triple Hoppers

12-Panel Triple Hoppers

13-Panel Triple Hoppers

14-Panel Triple Hoppers

15-Panel Triple Hoppers

16-Panel Triple Hoppers

17-Panel PS-3 Triple Hoppers

"Triple-Twin" Hoppers

Offset Triple Hoppers

Short Taper Offset Triple Hoppers

1935 AAR (Long) Offset Triple Hoppers

Other Offset Triples

Side-Dump "Ballast" Hopper Cars

Coke Cars

Ore Hopper Cars