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The island of South Hero is so large that the Rutland had two station stops. While one was named as expected, the second one was called Grand Isle.

The Grand Isle Co-operative Creamery was rebuilt in 1929. They shipped milk to Whiting Milk Company in Boston.

The Depot

  • Since this section up through the islands was built in 1900, the stations at South Hero, Grand Isle, and North Hero were all but identical, a standard Queen Anne style type.


  • Just beyond the depot was a large barn (which we need to model), across the street from the depot. The second photo was taken by Francis Poulin c. 1963 and shows the post office - still standing and a farmhouse in the background - also still standing - with the barn off to the right and the depot just out of sight to the left.
    The third photo shows the prototype c. early '70's but it has since been torn down. We don't have any color photos of it nor any more photos to help in the modeling of it. Also, that open-frame type of construction is a pain to model.
    So in an act of "let's finally do something", I kitbashed a couple of Woodland Scenic N scale barns. The third photo tries to indicate how by narrowing the end walls, you can make a single-slope roof.
    The plastic of the kit doesn't dissolve too readily with solvent so I wound up using a bit of solvent-based contact cement (Barco's, in this case, but Pliobond or Goo would also work), followed by flowing in superglue, to hold the pieces together.
    I tried to paint and weather the finished model to represent one that hasn't seen paint in years and the wood turns a sort of black and silver. But under the eaves, the wood is somewhat protected so it stays orange-brown.
    I'm not that happy with the end results but it isn't garish and an eye-sore, so it will have to do. If I was scratchbuilding it, I'd do it in TT scale along the the post office - which you can see on the model has been placed too far back up the road, across from the farmhouse.
    One thing to note - kit manufacturers seem to be under the impression that what would be a stone foundation is really a type of wainscoting extending part way of the first floor. The wood section should sit ON the foundation.


  • I believe this house was up behind the barn.

General Store/Post Office

  • There was a store and/or Post Office behind the depot.

Martell Hotel

  • When the railroad built its line up through the islands in 1900, it opened up the need for a commercial hotel. Fredrick Martell, a local blacksmith, purchased an acre of land by the railroad station the following year, and built the front portion of the hotel. As the only hotel in town, it enjoyed substantial patronage, and later was enlarged. The building survived the Rutland's demise in 1963, but has since been torn down.


  • Lacking information at the time about the South Hero creamery, we chose to model the earlier Grand Isle one in our model of South Hero. This creamery was destroyed by fire around 1929 and rebuilt in glazed tile, retaining the wood ice house. This version was copied for the Grand Isle scene. See this section for more info.

Model Views

Grand Isle Not Modeled

  • Views of Grand Isle not on our layout:


  • Francis Poulin took some photos of two similar overpasses at Grand Isle. (Unusual to have the stone abutments so close to the track as opposed to a cheaper set of trestling work for the approaches.)

Summer Cabins

  • Any summer cabins on Grand Isle are discussed in this section.