NEB&W Guide to Gons - Table of Contents

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Freight Car Guide Table of Contents
Rolling Stock Table of Contents


  • Sides
  • Ends
  • Floors
  • Tie-Downs

Less-Than-All-Steel Gons

All-Wood Gons

Four-Wheel Coal & Ore Jimmies

8-Wheel All-Wood Gons

Composite Gons (No Diagonals)

GRa-Type Gons

Composite Sulfur Gons

Steel-Truss Gons

6-Panel Truss Gons

8-Panel Truss Gons

9-Panel Truss Gons


10-Panel Truss Gons

50-Foot Steel-Truss Gons

50-Foot 10-Panel Composite Gons

Steel Gons

Shorty Steel Gons

40-Foot Steel Gons

8-Panel Gons

  • AHM
  • Life-Like
  • Varney
  • Walthers

9-Panel Gons

  • Roster - A-C, D-L, M, N, P-Z
  • Models
    • Central Hobby Supply
    • Ertl
    • Funaro & Camerlengo
    • Mantua
    • NEB&W Green Dot
    • Sunshine Models

10-Panel Gons

11-Panel Gons

12-Panel Gons

13-Panel Gons

14-Panel Gons

  • Athearn
  • Sunshine Models

15-Panel Gons

17-Panel Gons

18-Panel Gons

45-Foot Steel Gons

10-Panel Gons

12-Panel Gons

13-Panel USRA-Type Gons

14-Panel Gons

16-Panel Gons

50-Foot Steel Gons

8-Panel 50-Foot Gons

11-Panel 50-Foot Gons

12-Panel 50-Foot Gons

13-Panel 50-Foot Gons

14-Panel 50-Foot Gons

14-Panel "Revell" Type 50-Foot Gons

15-Panel 50-Foot AAR Standard Gons

16-Panel 50-Foot Gons

LCL Cars & Containers

Steel Coil/Covered Gons

Bathtub Gons

  • Models
    • Funaro & Camerlengo
    • Westerfield

General-Service Gons

Hart Convertible Gons

  • Models
    • Silver Streak
    • Walthers

65-Foot Mill Gons

Coke Cars

Open Top Loads