NEB&W Guide to Flat Cars - Table of Contents

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Freight Car Guide Table of Contents
Rolling Stock Table of Contents


Parts & Details

Open Top Loads

"Regular" Flat Cars

Specialty Flat Cars

Shorty Flat Cars

40-Foot Flat Cars

Straight-Side Sill Flats

10-Stake Pocket Flats

11-Pocket Flats

  • Models
    • Walthers

12-Stake Pocket Flats

Fishbelly Side Sill Flats

No Stake Pocket Flats

6-Stake Pocket Flats

10-Stake Pocket Flats

11-Stake Pocket Flats

12-Stake Pocket Flats

15-Stake Pocket Flats

Mystery 40-Foot Flats

  • Models
    • Hobbyline

Long Flat Cars

  • Introduction
  • General Roster - A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ
  • Models
    • Accurail
    • AHM
    • Athearn
    • Bowser
    • Con-Cor
    • InterMountain
    • Life-Like
    • Model Die Casting
    • Model Power
    • Red Caboose
    • Revell
    • Sunshine Models
    • Westrail

45-Foot Flat Cars

50-Foot Flat Cars

  • General Roster, see above.

50-Foot 13-Stake Pocket Flat Cars

50-Foot 14-Stake Pocket Flat Cars

50-Foot 15-Stake Pocket Flat Cars

50-Foot 15-Pocket Straight-Side Flats
50-Foot 15-Pocket Fishbelly-Side Flats

50-Foot 16-Stake Pocket Flats

50-Foot 17-Stake Pocket Flats

50-Foot 19-Stake Pocket Flats

50-Foot Depressed Center Flats

60-Foot Flats

Longer Depressed Center Flat Cars

Heavy-Duty Flats

Short Heavy Duty Flats

45-Foot Four-Truck Heavy Duty Flats

Long Heavy-Duty Flat Cars


Well Hole Flat Cars

Depressed-Center Flats

36-Foot Depressed Center Flats

  • Models
    • AC Gilbert
    • Wabash Valley
    • Eastern Car Works

40-Foot Depressed-Center Flats

  • Models
    • Devore
    • Model Power

50-Foot Depressed Center Flats

  • Models
    • Bachmann
    • Cannonball Car Shops
    • Roco

Longer Depressed-Center Flat Cars

  • Roster
  • Models
    • Walthers
  • Mystery Kits
    • Authenticast
    • Cliff Line