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Troy Table of Contents
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Troy is mostly a north-south city, squeezed in between the bluff on the east and the Hudson on the west. However, there was development up on the side of the hill and along the top, which for the sake of the organization of this section, will be put under this title of east Troy, 8th Avenue and up.

Thirteenth Street

Pawling Avenue

  • See this section.

Pinewoods Avenue

  • Street splits off Pawling near the Congress St. end.

Belle Avenue

  • Splits off Pinewoods just after Pinewoods splits from Pawling.

  • Jeff Daly sent us this photo of the Brownell and Kitty Butt Garnsey's house on Belle Ave. I consider this style of house as along the shift from Queen Anne (1880's representing architecture from the late middle ages) to Georgian/Colonial (1890's, representing the style post-1666 during the reign of the Georges in England) - however, I'm not architectural historian. In this case, it is more Colonial than Queen Anne.
    The shape of the chimney, wide on the first floor, narrowing on the second, indicates there was a fireplace on the first floor, none on the second. It would also imply that any staircase/hallway would NOT be on this side.
    I don't know the date of the photo but the auto is a great clue. However, that the chimney and front porch are enveloped in ivy suggests that the house is not freshly built at this point.
    I don't know exactly where this house was along Belle, and therefore if it is still standing.
Kathleen Ethier said the house is still standing but it is in pretty bad shape. (She's Jeff's cousin and Kitty Butt Garnsey was her great-great-aunt.) She thinks Jeff probably knows what year it was built.

Upper Congress