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  • The only thing we are modeling from Cuttingsville, VT is the spectacular trestle over the Mill River outside of town. The three-span bridge has the end spans hung off the ends of the center span in a cantilever fashion, which looks like something is missing. But the bridge is still standing and being used by the Green Mountain RR, so it must be okay. The bridge was featured on the cover of Jim Shaughnessy's The Rutland Road, and was a must for our layout, although almost three decades later, we still haven't gotten any member to complete a model.

  • Topographic map. The bridge was midway between Cuttingsville and East Wallingford and is sometimes referred to the East Wallingford trestle.

The Bridge

  • This color prototype view by Jim Shaughnessy from the mid-1950's comes from his book The Rutland Road.

  • Phil Hastings took this steam-era view, which shows more of the bridge. The far truss and the deck girder in the foreground (barely visible on the left) were both hung off the center truss cantilever-style, which makes the bridge look like it is missing parts. Photo also courtesy of The Rutland Road.

  • These photos clearly shows how there seems to be something missing.

  • Tom Amrine, his father, and I took these photos 2000.

  • The total length of the three spans was 371 ft. 6 ins.

On The Layout

  • On our layout, this scene has been mocked-up, but awaiting someone to build a model of the bridge, after which we will plant the trees and finish the scene.

Cuttingsville, Not Being Modeled

  • Cuttingsville had a simple brick freight house.

  • The post office looked like it was inside a general store.

  • Uncle Hiram's place (whoever he was).