NEB&W Guide to Brockway Mills, VT

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NEB&W Layout Table of Contents


  • From here "south" (left) along the way around to East Clarendon across the aisle, we are modeling a number of scenes from the Rutland RR's line between Rutland, VT and Bellows Falls, VT. The scenes are not in order, but placed where they best fit the layout. We are also modeling this single track stretch as if it had only recently been double track. Brockway Mills, VT is a scenic highlight of the former Steamtown and now Green Mountain RR's excursion trains between Bellows Falls and Chester. The line crosses over a 100-foot gorge, but lacking the room to build a gorge, we chose instead to model a postcard view. The railroad bridge abutments are carved in plaster to match the postcard, stone for stone. The highway abutments of the Proctor scene are made of balsa, with mortar lines made with a pencil, because the stones are smooth rubble, not faceted.

Prototype Views

The Gorge

  • The real bridge crossed over a pretty dramatic gorge.

Model Views

  • On the layout, at one point we didn't have the clearance to model the gorge, so we copied a postcard which showed the upper section.

  • On the finished scene, the stream is just below the level of the bridge.