NEB&W Guide to Box Cars - Table of Contents

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Freight Car Guide Table of Contents
Rolling Stock Table of Contents


Parts & Details


  • Detail Associates
  • Details West
  • Grandt Line
  • Kirlin Scale Models
  • McKean Models
  • Tichy
  • Westerfield
  • End Doors
    • Cannonball Car Shops
    • Grandt Line
    • NEB&W Green Dot Models
    • Westerfield


  • Model Parts
    • Detail Associates
    • Details West
    • Kirlin Scale Models
    • NEB&W Green Dot Models
    • Tichy


Wood Double-Sheathed Box Cars

Wood Cars Less Than 40-Feet Long

40-Foot Wood Box Cars

Longer Wood Box Cars

Single-Sheathed Box Cars

Single-Sheathed Cars Less Than 40-Feet Long

40-Foot Single-Sheathed Box Cars

50-Foot Single-Sheathed Box Cars

All-Steel Box Cars

Steel Box Cars Less Than 40-Feet Long

40-Foot Steel Box Cars

50-Foot Steel Box Cars

60-Foot Steel Box Cars

80-Foot Steel Box Cars

Box Cars Less Than 40-Feet Long

40-Foot All-Steel Box Cars

Pioneering Steel Box Cars

X29-Type Box Cars

USRA Steel Box Car Copies

Round-Roof Box Cars

1932 AAR Box Cars

1937 AAR Box Cars

Experimental Welded 1930's Box Cars

B&O Wagontop Box Cars

Milwaukee Ribbed-Side Box Cars

Pullman-Standard PS-Zeros

  • Models
    • NEB&W Green Dot

Steam-Era Exterior-Post Box Cars


1944 AAR 40-Foot Cars

"Rolling Pin Taper" Improved Dreadnaught Ends, Pre-1954

1944 AAR 40-Foot Cars With "Dartnaught" Ends

1944 AAR 40-Foot Cars With Post-1954 "Banana-Taper" Improved Dreadnaught Ends

"Ugly Duckling" Baby HiCubes

  • Roster
  • Models
    • AHM
    • Athearn
    • Bachmann
    • Lionel
      • Hi-Tech Details
      • Tyco

Steel Rebuilt Box Cars

PS-1 Box Cars

50-Foot Box Cars

60-Foot Box Cars

80-Foot Box Cars