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Structures Table of Contents
Scenery, Structures & Details Table of Contents


Architectural History

The Fashion of Architectural Styles

Why Things Are "Cute"

Fibonacci & the Golden Ratio

Architectural History - Another Look

The Revivalist's Palate (Old World Architecture)

In America

Classical I
Early Victorian
Ruskinian Victorian
Classical II

Common Anachronisms

Architecture & Technology

American Architecture

Neoclassical I, 1700's-Civil War

Victorian I (Picturesque), 1840's-1880

Victorian II (Ruskinian), 1865-WWI

Neoclassical II, 1876-Today

Modern, WWI-Today


  • For another description of architectural history, visit the Rensselaer Country Historical Society's web site.

  • Many of the architectural terms used here are defined in the Glossary section, and when I get a chance, I will link the term directly to its definition.

  • For a brief discussion of how we scratchbuild brick buildings. For an in-depth look at the Victorian rowhouse and their higgledy-piggledy backs and other decrepit construction. For the unique architecture of summer cabins, see this section.

  • Manufacturers, I will try to incorporate images of your kits as appropriate, if you provide us with them or let us take photos of them off your web site. (Any background as the prototype(s) you based them on would be helpful.) Stock photos of kits are courtesy of the manufacturer.

  • Please note that I am not an architect, nor have I had any formal training in architectural history. On the other hand, you are probably interested in getting a working knowledge to aid your modeling, and the buildings we tend to focus on are the low-brow, vernacular ones, not the ones built by professional architects.

  • All dates are approximate.