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  • Model Railroader - There was a letter published about 1968, which I saw just before I came to RPI. And there was a photo of the scratchbuilt St. Albans, VT coaling tower, built by Bill Mischler, and one of one of the bridges Tony Steele scratchbuilt, both for the former layout.

  • Railroad Model Craftsman, July 1977, RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award "L-aborating on the farmhouse" by John Nehrich. Modifying a Revell farmhouse kit. This is the earliest NEB&W related article I've found so far.

  • Model Railroader, September 1978, Trackside Photos section, page 69. Two color photos of the layout by Ed Sproles. One photo is of a GP-38 in the NEB&W 2nd generation paint scheme and the second photo is of an NEB&W GP-7.

  • NMRA Bulletin, November 1979.

  • Railroad Model Craftsman, December 1979 and February 1980, "Formula For A Club Layout: The NEB&W". Two-part story on the club and the club. (Much of the description of operations of a modern-era railroad has since been rendered anachronistic when the layout was re-set firmly in 1950.)



  • RMC, December 1980, "Storage Cabinets" by John Nehrich. For under the layout storage cabinets.


  • RMC, August 1981, "Arendt Lumber & Supply Co." by John Nehrich.


  • Model Railroader, March 1982, Trackside Photos section, page 80. A black & white photo by Bill Mischler of an NEB&W GP-7 working in North Chateaugay.

  • RMC, April 1982, "Modeling Reality" by Greg Whittle. The prototypes of the layout.


  • Model Railroader, March 1983, "Building Kopay's Furniture Store" by John Nehrich. Two kitbashed structures and a scratchbuilt one for Chateaugay.

  • RMC, March 1983 - Included on the cover of RMC's 50th anniversary issue.

  • RMC, April 1983, "Layered Backdrops". The use of Masonite hill cutouts instead of painted background hills.

  • MR, May 1983, "Flat Background Trees". Using Woodland Scenics tree armatures for bas-relief background scenery.

  • RMC, June 1983, "Backdrops And Clouds" by John Nehrich.

  • RMC, July 1983, "The Terminal" by Geoff Hubbs. A Jim Shaughnessy photo of the Troy depot.

  • MR, September 1983, "The NEB&W" by Andy Sperandeo. Overview of the layout, with the first indications of the move back to 1950.

  • Mainline Modeler, December 1983, "Building Design & Construction, Part 1" by John Nehrich.

  • Mainline Modeler, December 1983, January & February 1984, "Building Design & Construction" by John Nehrich.


  • Mainline Modeler, January 1984, "Building Design & Construction, Part 2" by John Nehrich.

  • MR, January 1984, Paint Shop section, pages 227-232. "Pullman-Standard PS-1" by Kyle Williams. Superdetailing a Cannonball Car Shops PS-1 and lettering for the NEB&W.

  • Mainline Modeler, February 1984, "Building Design & Construction, Part 3" by John Nehrich.

  • MR, March 1984, "Summit Scenery On The NEB&W" by John Nehrich.

  • MR, April 1984, Club News section. RMRRS diesel roster information.

  • Railroad Model Craftsman, April 1984, "Durocher's Welding Shop" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, May 1984, "An International Building" by John Nehrich. The development of this post-WWI architectural style and modeling an example.

  • MR, May 1984, "Put on a Happy Face" by John Nehrich.

  • MR, July 1984, "Bushes for Your Layout" by John Nehrich.

  • Mainline Modeler, July 1984, "Strengthened Underframes" by John Nehrich.

  • Mainline Modeler, August 1984, "KCS Auto Box Car" by John Nehrich.

  • Mainline Modeler, August 1984, "PS-1 Modifications - The 6-foot Door Variation" by Jeff English.

  • Mainline Modeler, September 1984, "NEB&W Wood Reefer - modeling the 50's era" by John Nehrich.

  • Model Railroading, September/October 1984, "Operation: Switching Action with Passenger Equipment" by John Nehrich.

  • Model Railroading, September/October 1984, "D&H Passenger Notes" by Geoff Hubbs. And front cover and rear cover photos of passenger trains on the NEB&W, showing the idea of different eras.

  • MM, November 1984, "Construction of a Single-Sheathed Box Car" by John Nehrich.

  • RMC, December 1984, "A freighthouse for Vanderheyden Island" by Stafford Swain. Building the Delaware & Hudson Green Island, N.Y. freighthouse for the NEB&W.

  • RMC, December 1984, Perspective "A look at a railroad town" by John Nehrich. A comment on a section of Chatham, New York.

  • MM, December 1984, "Upgrading a Toy Train Tank Car" by Dan Lacey. Upgrading a Tyco ACF 11,000 gal. tank car to an 8,000 gal. ICC 103 SHPX tank car. Photos by Dan Lacey and John Nehrich.

  • MM, December 1984, "Windows" by John Nehrich. Discussion of window types and their parts.


  • MR, January 1985, "Photographing models through "smoked" glass" by John Nehrich.

  • MR, January 1985, "A source for large pine trees" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, February 1985, "Simple, But Elegant Scenery" by John Nehrich. Construction of the Brockway Mills scene and the use of understated scenery to highlight the trains.

  • RMC, April 1985, "L&N boxcar" by John Nehrich. Kitbashing 36' MDC reefers into L&N 8000 series wooden boxcars .

  • MR, May 1985, "Pathways To Detail" by John Nehrich. Detailing sidewalks.

  • MR, June 1985, "Trackside Photos". Photo by Dan Toth of an NEB&W caboose he kitbashed and shot at the North Creek.

  • MR, June 1985, "Trackside Photos". Photo by John Nehrich of Kyle Williams NEB&W 4-8-2 rounding the curve at Reynolds, NY.

  • MR, June 1985, "Bull Session" (Reprint from our Berkshire Blab) by John Nehrich. Thoughts on model railroad operation.

  • MM, July 1985, "Queen Anne Crossing Tender Shanty" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, September 1985, "Chatham, NY Police Station" by John Nehrich. The prototype and construction of a Romanesque brick and stone structure, included in the Chateaugay downtown area.

  • MR, September 1985, "Painting an epoxy resin boxcar" by Jeff English.

  • MR, October 1985, "Water and how to model it" by John Nehrich. How rivers and other bodies of water look, including color and texture.

  • MM, December 1985, "Shepard's" by John Nehrich. The prototype stone building and how it was modeled with wood blocks on a styrene subshell.

  • MR, December 1985, "Mini-Mirrors" by John Nehrich. The use of small mirrors as used on the Summit scene.


  • MM, January 1986, "Mainline Commentary" (editorial) by Bob Hundman.

  • MM, January 1986, "Layout Design" by John Nehrich, on the philosophy and methods of copying specific prototype scenes.

  • MM, January 1986, "Box Car Ends" by John Nehrich.

  • Prototype Modeler, January 1986, "Becco Tank Car" by Mark Fedderson. The author scratchbuilt this car on the Tichy underframe, then donated it to the NEB&W.

  • MR, January 1986, "Flat Cars and Gons for the NEB&W" by John Nehrich. Modifying Athearn 40-foot flat cars to closely match Rutland flatcars and gondolas.

  • RMC, January 1986, "First class track" by John Nehrich. How we model the type of track of a class I road, including superelevating and sharp ballast lines.

  • Mainline Modeler, February 1986, "1932 ARA Standard Steel Box Car" by John Nehrich.

  • Mainline Modeler, February 1986, "Hand Brakes" by Jeff English.

  • Mainline Modeler, February 1986, "Troy, New York" by Wallace C. Rudd, John Nehrich.

  • MR, February 1986, "Modeling with Photo Prints" by Stafford Swain and John Nehrich. Using photo cut-outs for background scenery.

  • MR, February 1986, "Maine Central ARA-Design Box Car" by Kyle Williams - upgrading a Train-Miniature X29-type box car to better represent a prototype.

  • MR, March 1986, "The Box Car Fleet of the '50's" by John Nehrich. Overview of steam-era box cars.

  • MR, March 1986, "Seaboard Air Line Gondola" (Paint Shop), by John Nehrich. Kitbashing an Athearn gon into a 40-foot SAL car.

  • Mainline Modeler, April 1986, "Modeling a GPEX Express Reefer" by John Nehrich.

  • MR, June 1986, "Pennsylvania Class X23 Box Car" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, August 1986, "1924 ARA Standard Single-Sheathed Box Car" by Chris Barkan and John Nehrich. Seven panel Pratt Truss box cars.

  • MM, August 1986, "Summit Station On The Rutland" by John Nehrich. The prototype and construction of the model depot, including a practical way to model two-toned wainscoted stations.

  • MM, September 1986, "Saratoga, NY - More Than A Resort" by John Nehrich. A look at the downtown Saratoga prototype.

  • MR, September 1986, "Two Blocks of Stores For The NEB&W" by John Nehrich. Kitbashing two blocks in Chateaugay.

  • MM, October 1986, "Saratoga, NY, Part II" by John Nehrich. Prototype plans and photos of the Whitehead Brothers foundry sand loader.

  • MM, December 1986, "Special D&H Tank Cars" by John Nehrich.

  • Pittsburgh Model Railroad's Consist, December 1986 and January 1987, "Those Guys In New York", by Chuck Rakiewcz. A discusion of how the NEB&W concepts apply to the Pittsburgh Model Railroad Historical Society's layout.


  • Model Railroader, January 1987, Trackside Photos section, page 116. Photo by John Nehrich of an NEB&W 2-8-0 and 4-8-4 double headed fast freight train.

  • Hopewell Productions, 1987, Great Model Railroads, Vol. I. Full-length video on the club, including scenes filmed with a camera on-board a train and dubbed in real railroad sound effects. Also includes short demonstrations of scratchbuilding brick structures in styrene, tree-making, and freight car weathering. Last use of fictitious town names and Dynatrol control system. This tape is now available from Allen Keller Productions.

  • MM, March 1987, "Green Island, New York" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, March 1987, "Drawing of Roadmaster's Office at Green Island, New York" supplied by John Nehrich.

  • MM, May 1987, "Rutland Covered Bridge" by John Nehrich. How Kyle Williams scratchbuilt the Bartonsville, VT covered bridge.

  • MM, May 1987, "D&H Overhead Crane" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, May 1987, "DS-1 Ends from the Despatch Shops" by John Nehrich.

  • MR, August 1987, "Here's the Beef!" by John Nehrich. HO meat reefers from a Life-Like car.

  • MM, September 1987, "Lineside Industries. Wholesale Grocery-A&P-Warehouse-Coal Company" by John Nehrich.

  • MR, November 1987, "Bangor & Aroostook Newsprint Box Car in HO" by John Nehrich.

  • RMC, November 1987, "Delaware & Hudson's Wooden Box Cars" by John Nehrich. Information on D&H 1907 36-foot wooden boxcars.

  • RMC, December 1987, "D&H's 1907 Wooden Box Cars" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, December 1987, "D&H Seley Hopper" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, December 1987, "Rutland Fence" data from John Nehrich.

  • MR, December 1987, "Chateaugay Tank Farm" by John Nehrich.

  • MR, December 1987, "An 8,000-Gallon Tank Car in HO scale" by John Nehrich.


  • MM, February 1988, "Pullman 1940 Welded Box Car, The PS-Zero?" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, February 1988, "Van Cott Silos" by John Nehrich. Prototype information about a silo company in Unadilla, NY on the D&H.

  • MM, May 1988, "1940's Gas Station" by John Nehrich. Prototype information about a station at an unknown site.

  • MM, May 1988, "D&H Hoppers Other Than The Seley" by John Nehrich. Prototype information about the evolution of coal cars on the D&H from the Civil War to 1900.

  • MR, May 1988, "CGTX 10,000-Gallon Tank Car" by Jeff English.

  • MM, June 1988, "Monsanto Chemical Tank Car" by Jeff English. Using 1/2 inch PVC pipe on the Tichy frame, a la Mark Fedderson.

  • MM, June 1988, "USRA Double-Sheathed Rebuilds" by John Nehrich.

  • MR, August 1988, "Rutland Wide-Cupola Caboose" by Jeff English.

  • MR, September 1988, "Taconic-Type 4-8-4s" by Jeff English. Photos by Kyle Williams. Modifying a brass 4-8-4 for use on the NEB&W.

  • MM, October 1988, "Chateaugay Co-op" by John Nehrich.

  • RMC, October 1988, "Diatomaceous Earth Scenery", by John Nehrich. Making scale earth, dirt, and sand from swimming pool filter material colored with dry colors.

  • Model Railroading, November 1988, "Consists: Part XII: Rutland, Vermont, Circa 1953 in HO Scale (on the NEB&W)" by John Nehrich and the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society.


  • Model Railroading, January 1989, "Consists: Part XV: Rutland, Vermont, August 1950 on the Rutland Railroad"

  • Model Railroading, January 1989, "Matching The Mix of Real RR Freight Cars" by John Nehrich. Color photo of Rutland yard, circa 1949.

  • Model Railroading, January 1989, "National Car Cast HO Scale 53 ft. 6 in. AAR Gondola Kit" by Bill Deuroun. Models by Todd Sullivan. Photos by Todd Sullivan and John Nehrich. Photos of these gondolas on the NEB&W.

  • MM, February 1989, "Milwaukee Box Car Detailing" by John Nehrich. How club member Geoff Hubbs redetailed the MDC ribbed-side box car.

  • MM, February 1989, "Port Of Albany" by John Nehrich. Circa 1930 prototype photos of rail and ship shipments of an inland international port.

  • Model Railroading, June 1989, "Box car Buying on the Delaware & Hudson, pt.1" by John Nehrich.

  • Model Railroading, July 1989, "Box car Buying on the Delaware & Hudson, pt.2" by John Nehrich.

  • RMC, August 1989, "A Tale of Two Flats" by John Nehrich.How club member Andy Clermont built two flat cars and their loads.

  • MR, September 1989, "Modeling State Line Tunnel On The NEB&W" by John Nehrich.

  • RMC, September 1989, "Editors Notebook" by Bill Schaumburg. A model photo and a short article about the dedication of the Troy station.

  • Los Angeles Times, November 12, 1989, "A Model Society Built Around The Railroad" by snydicated columinist Charles Hillinger ("Charles Hillinger's America"). This story was picked up by a number of newspapers around the country.

  • Prototype Modeler, November/December 1989, "Ruminations from Rutland Country" by John Nehrich. Reprints of articles from the "Berkshire Blab" cocerning locomotive sound and research.

  • RMJ, December 1989, "On Tour: The New England, Berkshire & Western" by John Nehrich. A 6-page overview of the club, with photos by Robert Schleicher. Cover photo of an NEB&W RS-1 at Tahawus.



  • D&H Industrial Sampler, reprint of a D&H book c. 1931. (Publication date approx.)

  • RMJ, January 1990, "Railroad Prototype Modelers (RPM) Display, Troy, New York" by Richard Hendrickson. Report on the Railroad Prototype Modelers meeting at RPI.

  • MM, April 1990, "Stock Cars, Part I" by John Nehrich. The development and use of stock cars.

  • RMJ, May 1990, "Factories from the "Jazz Age"" by John Nehrich. Jazz Age Curtain-Wall Concrete Factories.

  • Prototype Modeler, May-June, 1990, "A Decade of the NEB&W".

  • MM, June 1990, "Stock Cars, Conclusion" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, August 1990, "Stock Cars, Their Development and Use - Conclusion" by John Nehrich. Third installment of a three part series on stock cars.

  • RMJ, December 1990, ""Snap-Out" Styrene Building in Brick" by John Nehrich.

  • RMJ, December 1990, "Milk, Part II: Grand Isle, Vermont, Cooperative Creamery on the Boston & Maine Railroad" photos by John Nehrich, plans by David Prince.


  • RMJ, January 1991, "Troy, NY Passenger Station" by John Nehrich.

  • RMJ, January 1991, "Techniques: Building in Brick, Part II: Modeling Troy's Station in Styrene" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, March 1991, "Santa Fe Box Car To DT&I To StJ&LC" by John Nehrich. A 50-foot rebuilt steel box car which wound up third-hand on the St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County.

  • MM, April and May 1991, "Building Red Rocks" by John Nehrich.

  • Railmodel Journal, September 1991, "Milk, Part IV: Grand Isle, Vermont, Cooperative Creamery Reduced to a More Modelable Size" by John Nehrich.

  • Railmodel Journal, November 1991, "Milk Operations For Modelers, part I" by John Nehrich. Most of this data has been reprinted and expanded on in our Milk Train Data Book (out of print), and then covered on our website.

  • MM, November and December 1991, "B&M Johnsonville Interlocking", by Jeff English.

  • MR, December 1991, "Upgrade Your Freight Car Fleet" by John Nehrich. Reprinted in Kalmbach Books Freight Car Projects & Ideas, 1997.


  • Great Model Railroads, 1992, by Andy Sperandeo. Story on how the layout had been changed to more accurately reflect local historical scenes. Most comprehensive article to date.

  • RMJ, March 1992, "Ballston Coal Co." by John Nehrich.

  • MM, April 1992, "Freight Trains, Choosing The Right Cars" by John Nehrich. An overview of the mix of freight cars c. 1950.

  • RMJ, April 1992, "Milk Operations" by John Nehrich. Passenger and milk cars on the Rutland.


  • RMJ, January 1993, "Milk Operations, Part III" Private Owner Milk Cars in the Northeast" by John Nehrich. Modeling private-owner milk cars of the Northeast.

  • Layout Design Journal, March 1993, "Down With Rock Castings" by John Nehrich. A personal opinion about overzealous use of rock castings.

  • MM, March 1993, "Swamp Modeling" by John Nehrich. Modeling South Hero, VT.

  • MR, April 1993, "Kitbash A 60-Foot Baggage Car" by John Nehrich. Using the sides from the Athearn baggage car and the roof from the Rivarossi RPO-baggage car to model a Rutland/NYC car.

  • MR, May 1993, Along the Line section. "Beauty on the Beach" photo by Keith Thompson.

  • RMJ June 1993, "Grand Island Creamery", by John Nehrich. Scratchbuilding in wood and styrene.

  • MM June 1993, "Coil Steel Loading From The Steam Era", by John Nehrich. AAR loading diagrams.

  • Rensselaer (RPI magazine) June 1993, Excerpts of the MR article by Andy Sperandeo.

  • MM, September 1993, "Western Pacific Box Car" by John Nehrich. Kitbashing a Walthers wood box car to a WP car.

  • Channel 6, December 16, 1993. A short episode on the club and layout.


  • January, 1994, NEB&W Freight Car Guide 1.4 edition, by John Nehrich, 252 pages.

  • RMJ, February 1994, "Build A Creamery From Sheet Styrene" by John Nehrich. Scratchbuilding the Grand Isle, VT concrete block and wood creamery.

  • MM, February 1994, "Garnet Mine" by John Nehrich. Information on the garnet sheds at North Creek, NY, and the scratchbuilt model by Keven Smith.

  • MM, March 1994, "Chester, Vermont" by John Nehrich. Plans and photos of the Chester, VT station.

  • RMJ, May 1994, "Bartonsville, VT, September 25, 1990", photo by Bob Schleicher. A modern day lash-up of a Conrail and an NEB&W GP-38.

  • MM, June 1994, "D&H Hopper Box Car" by John Nehrich. Al Wood's kitbash of a Tichy SS box car into a D&H cement car.

  • NMRA Bulletin, August 1994. Six-page full color photo essay, with many recently completed scenes shown for the first time.

  • RMC, August 1994, "Modeling D&H's Steel Gondolas" by John Nehrich. Kitbashing a D&H 40-foot gon from a Tyco gon.

  • RMJ, October 1994, by John Nehrich. Kitbashing an EJ&E 50-foot composite gon from an AHM/Model Power models.


  • January 1995, NEB&W Freight Car Guide 95.2 edition, Parts A&B, by John Nehrich, 651 pages.

  • Invention & Technology, Winter 1995, "History In HO Scale" by Frederic Schwarz. One page summary of the club and layout.

  • MR, April 1995, "Generic Couplers" by John Nehrich. A humorous history of model railroad couplers in keeping with the date of the issue, along with a way to make horn-hooks mate with Kadee couplers to ease the transition period from one coupler type to another.

  • MR, May 1995. "Update On The NEB&W" by John Nehrich, photos by Keith Thompson. Includes description of our Green Dot Point Operating System.

  • MM, July 1995. "D&H Welded Box Car" by John Nehrich. Includes color photo of the Proctor station area.

  • Fall 1995 NEB&W Scenery, Structures & Details, by John Nehrich, 450 pages.


  • January 1996, NEB&W Update I, by John Nehrich, 190 pages.

  • March 1996, Rail Line News, interview with John Nehrich.

  • MM, July 1996, "The NEB&W, Part I" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi.

  • MM, August 1996, "The NEB&W, Part II" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi.

  • MM, August 1996, "Bettendorf Box Car" by John Nehrich.

  • MM, September 1996, "The NEB&W, Part III" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi.

  • MR, October 1996, Along The Line section, "Front Row, Center" photo by Lou Sassi of the grade crossing in Chester.

  • MR, October 1996, "Built Like a Brick Freighthouse" by John Nehrich. Scratchbuilding the D&H's brick freight house at Whitehall, NY for Chateaugay on the NEB&W.

  • MM, October 1996, "The NEB&W, Part IV" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi.

  • MM, November 1996, "The NEB&W, Part V" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi.

  • MR, November 1996, "Trackside Photos" - photo by Lou Sassi of the summer cabins at the Winooski River.

  • Allen Keller Productions, Great Model Railroads, Vol. 25. An update on the club with the new scenes, etc. developed in the decade since Vol. I was filmed.

  • MM, December 1996, "The NEB&W, Part VI" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi.


  • Great Model Railroads, 1997, includes two stories on the NEB&W, "Modeling Downtown Troy in the '50s" by John Nehrich with photos by Lou Sassi and "How I Spent My Summer Vacations" by Lou Sassi.

  • MR, January 1997, "Quick Milk Cars" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi. Simple kitbashes of the Train-Miniature/Walthers all wood reefer into milk cars.

  • MM, January 1997, "Vehicles of the '50's" by John Nehrich. Overview of the type of autos on the road in 1950.

  • January 1997, NEB&W Guide II, by John Nehrich, almost 300 pages. See the review of this.

  • MR, February 1997, Paint Shop section "HO scale ILoveNY boxcar" by Jeff English.

  • MM, March 1997, "The NEB&W, Part VII" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi. Covering Saratoga, State Line, and Reynolds.

  • MM, April 1997, "The NEB&W, Conclusion" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi.

  • MR, November 1997, "Berkshire Lines, 25th Anniversary Visit" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi. The layout as it looked on its 25th year, and looking back over the club's 50 years.


  • January 1998, NEB&W Guide III, by John Nehrich, 356 pages.

  • MM, April 1998, "The NEB&W, A Final Look" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi.

  • MR, November 1998, "Ruins That Improve a Model City" by John Nehrich with photos by Lou Sassi. Modeling the scars of an building that has been torn down.


  • MR, February 1999, "Trackside Photos", B&M 2-8-0 passes under the 101sth St. covered bridge. Photo by Lou Sassi.

  • MR, July 1999, "Trackside Photos", NYC SWI on State Street in Troy. Photo by Lou Sassi.

  • MR, July 1999, "Structures To Set The Scene" by Marty McGuirk, with a Lou Sassi photo of the Tahawus sinter plant.

  • MR, November 1999, "Simple Crossing Gates" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi. Using the Bachmann N scale crossing gates with a new post and paper cutout to extend the blades.


  • Tetsudou Mokei Shumi (Japan's most famous model railroad magazine), June 2000, "NEB&W" by Keijiro Nomura. (About half a year prior to this, Mr. Nomura and his wife came over to visit the layout.)

  • Evergreen Scale Models Styrene Modeling by Bob Hayden, with a two-page section on scratchbuilding styrene structures by John Nehrich.

  • October 2000, NEB&W Guide IV, by John Nehrich, 224 pages.

  • RMC, February 2001, Review of NEB&W's Guide IV, by Don Spiro.

  • College Bound Magazine, March/April 2001, "All Aboard the Activity Train", a photo and a one-paragraph mention about the club.

  • MR, May 2001, "Build a Backyard Shrine" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi. Modeling a "bathtub Madonna".

  • Railway Milk Cars, Vol. 1, by Robert Liljestrand and John Nehrich. A 48-page soft-cover book about milk cars and operations. Contains text from our NEB&W Milk Train Data Booklet (out of print). (This book is only available directly from Bob's Photos, 37 Spring Street, Ansonia, CT 06401, 203 734-6666.)

  • MR, October 2001, "Higgledy-Piggledy Backs" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi. Adding the tumbledown ramshackle back additions to row houses and other Victorian urban structures, and including a discussion about the development of row houses themselves.

  • RMC, October 2001, "Researching Prototype Freight Cars" by Ben Hom. Includes a one-page discussion of the club's guide books.

  • MR, November 2001, "Trackside Photos". A Lou Sassi photo of two trains at the Congress Street tunnel in Troy.

  • MR, December 2001, "Brick Wall Decals" by John Nehrich, photos by Lou Sassi. (Additional photos, information, on this web site.)

  • MR, January 2002, "An Easy Dairy Car Conversion" by John Nehrich. Photos by Lou Sassi.

  • RMC, August 2002, "Troy on the NEB&W: Historically Accurate Urban Modeling on a Grand Scale" by Don Spiro.

  • MM, July 2004,"Modeling Fire Escapes" by John Nehrich, photos by William Gill. John shows early 20th century fire escapes consisting of two parallel horizontal bars for each floor and grabs for climbing down.

  • MM, August 2005, "Update on the NEB&W, Part II" by John Nehrich. Photos by Lou Sassi.

  • MM, October 2005, "Let There Be Light" by John Nehrich, photos by William Gill. John discusses changes in sizes and locations of windows in commercial and residential buildings over time.

  • RMJ, April 2006, "Modeling The Milk Trains, Part VI: Milk Train Operations in the Northeast, Cars & Creameries on the Rutland and D&H" by John Nehrich.

  • The Butterfly Hunter ("Adventures of people who have found their true calling way off the beaten path"), 2006, by Chris Ballard. A chapter on "The Rail-aholic" about John Nehrich, with quotes by Will Gill, Cynthia Smith, Helen Panas and various club members.

  • RMC, January 2007, "Dremel Kitbashing Award,Keveny Memorial Academy" by Bill Gill. Bill completed model of Cohoes school begun by John Nehrich from Walthers Roundhouse kit. Model photo by Bill Gill

  • RMJ, November 2008, "Acres in Inches" by Bill Gill.

  • Sittin' on a Million, 2008, documentary for the local PBS station, by Penny Lane and Annmarie Lanesey, about Mame Fay. Interview of club member and clips of our layout, along with many glimpses of our Mame Fay mannikin.


  • RMC, May 2010, "Tools Cheaper by the Dozen" by Bill Gill.

  • RMC, October 2010, "Letterbashing" by Bill Gill, photo of Star Woolen Mill model by Will Gill. Altering computer fonts to look like handpainted lettering. Ad Hoc "Company" Photographer: Will Gill.

  • RMC, September 2011, "Thinking Outside the Blocks" by Bill Gill. multiple uses for LEGOs

  • RMC, November 2011, "Detailing a Classic" by Bill Gill. Bill superdetailed a Classic Metal Works 1948 Ford "woody" station wagon.

  • MR, August 2012, "Trackside Photos". Photo by William Gill of Lake Champlain & Moriah Electromotive Division NW2 diesel at Republic Steel in Port Henry.

  • RMC, November 2012, "Two for the Load" by Bill Gill. How Bill made wood loads for a Bowser PRR gondola and a Red Caboose flat car. (Also "A Trackplan for a Shelf Layout: The Troy Industrial Track" by William Gill. Photos of contemporary south Troy industries with trackplan).

  • RMC, November 2013, "Adding Trucks to the Layout" by Bill Gill. Several Classic Metal Works 1941-'46 Chevy trucks were detailed by Bill for the RMRRS layout. Cover photo and two photos in article by William Gill.

  • RMC, February 2014, "Salvaging a Wreck: a Civil War Box Car Gets Rebuilt" by Bill Gill. A Mantua 28-foot box car is slightly updated and detailed.

  • Track Design - Carstens Publication edited by Hal Carstens. On the cover is a scene of our Troy.

  • RMC, May 2014, "Simplifying hip roofs" by John Nehrich, photos by William Gill.

  • Northeast Region's The Coupler, January 2017. Photo on the cover by Jeff Paston.