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All-Time Membership Table of Contents
Membership Table of Contents

(List is FAR from complete and who is here and who isn't at this point is arbitrary, along with their contributions, is mostly a function of scattered memories.)

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Michael St. Germain ‘04

Dr. Bill St. John '89


Dr. Alexei Sacks '90

Student member in the 1990's. He made the apple orchard in South Hero (from Woodland Scenics trees) and the post and rail fence from toothpicks.

Amit Sadana

Ian Sadowski '07

  • Scratchbuilt the shed that the track goes through for Sweet & Doyle in Green Island, along with some auxiliary buildings.

Jonah Safar '94

Yasuyuki Sakai '02

Peter Salem, Jr. '07

Anthony Samela '99

Will Sanborn '92

Matt Sansom

Daniel Santos '16

Student member and former club president. Currently club vice-president.

Jim Sapienza

Student member c. 1980's.

Eric Saper '87

James Sattler '02

Al Sauer

Mike Saunders

Bob Savino

Rob Savino's father and a community member.

Rob Savino '05

A student member.
  • He and his father handlaid the track in Vergennes when it was rebuilt around 2000.

Dave Saxe '94


Ryan Scaringe ‘15

Paul Schantz ‘89

John Schiano Jr. ‘96

Curt Schimmel ‘84

John Schlafer ‘61

Elizabeth Schlapp ‘87

Frederick Schroeder Jr. ‘61

Per Schroeder ‘92

Steven Schwalje ‘92

Dr. Eric Schwartz ‘93

James Scott ‘72

John Henry Scott ‘89

Ryan Scaringe

John Schiario

Ric Schmeelk

Maxwell Schmitt

Student member.

Dr. & Mrs. Roland Schmitt

Former RPI president who joined as supporting member when he was here.

Bill Schneider

Bill works in the model railroad industry and is a NYO&W modeler. He became a member several years ago and is very involved in the operating sessions every semester.

  • Bill detailed, painted and decaled Bachmann NEB&W S-2 switcher number 440.

  • Bill detailed, painted, decaled and weathered all five of the Broadway NEB&W 2-8-2 light Mikado locomotives and the single Broadway NEB&W 4-6-2 heavy Pacific locomotive currently running on the layout.

  • Bill built, painted and decaled a Bethlehem Car Works kit for NEB&W RPO/Smoker passenger car number 274.

Will Schultz

Student c. 1990's.

John Scott

  • John was a doctor at Albany Med. He took over the entire Port Henry blast furnace complex and worked on that for years, particularly after he retired. He passed away before he could finish.

Keith Scott

Enrico Scull

Community member c. 1990's.


Glenn Seale ‘68

Thomas Secor ‘96

Joe Sedlak '03

Student member.

William Seebaugh ‘61

Harry Sembrat

Community member. His daughter, Melanie, also joined and became an active member. Harry has since passed away.

Melanie Sembrat

Melanie is a community member whose love of trains came through her father.

Arquelio Semidey

Daniel Senie ‘83

Gloria Seymour

Student c. 1990's.


Pratish Shah ‘87

James D. Shaughnessy ‘96

Jim's son.

Jim Shaughnessy '55

Jim was a member of the club (and RPI student) in the early 1950's, at the time of the first layout. During that time and since, he has become one of the most notable railfan photographers of all time.

Bob Sheehan

Marshal Shemtob '15

Ed Sherry ‘65

Chris Shing '10

Very active student member.
  • Finished Luke Smith's kitbashing of a Walthers stock yard kit for Vergennes.

  • Heavily modified a Walthers stock yard kit for Orwell.


Wayne Stittner

Community member that joined in the 1980's, along with Todd Sullivan and Adam Admyk. Jointly they got us interested in steam-era freight cars.


Andrew Sklar '15


Ralph Slate '91

Dalton Slegel

Freshman in 2016.


Edward Small

Community member during the 1990's.

Bob Smith '73

Was a member during the final years of our last layout c. early '70's.

Cynthia Smith '96

Shop Manager for our hobby shop in the 1990's. Now Assistant Dean, First-Year Experience.

Kelvin Smith ‘76

Luke Smith '06

Student member c. 2000.
  • Built the Troy depot umbrella sheds from Walthers kits.

  • Started scratchbuilding a building in Rutland yard.

  • Started kitbashing a Walthers stock yard kit for Vergennes.

Steve Smith '01

Student member in the 1990's.

Steven Smith ‘50


Greg Snook '04

Student member in the 1990's. Continues as a long-distance alumni member.

Wilson Snyder '91

Very active student member in the early 1990's.


Donald Sobwick ‘60

Charles Sofge ‘89

Shenghua Song ‘12

Nicholas Sopchak ‘92

Shenghua Song

Ben Soriano


Richard Spadavecchia ‘92

Dr. Edward Sproles, Jr.

Jim Spavins '05

Jim was a student member who was an active model railroader before he came to the club. He did much of the work in Proctor.

Steven Sperazza

Gerald Spivak ‘67

Dean Splittgerber

Community member from the North Country.


John Stanford '88

Student member c. mid 1980's. One of those that had a tranformative effect on the club. Became interested in the Rutland and helped design Rutland yard. Adapted the Batavia Club's TIBS system for our operating session.

William Starita, Jr. '90

Tom Stanton '99

Student member in the 1990's.

  • Scratchbuilt La Porte Garage for our Troy model.

Bruce Stauffer '65

K. Travers Stavac '66

Harold Stearns '88

Tony Steele '70

Student Member c. 1970 and continued as an alumni member for years afterward. Tony designed the third layout and the preliminary design for the fourth layout. He scratchbuilt the Chateaugay roundhouse and turntable, the Troy-Green Island lift bridge, the Winooski bridge and several others. He kitbashed the ore loader in Tahawus, the fuel dealer in Chateaugay and the large warehouse building, also in Chateaugay.

  • He did the initial plan of this layout.

  • Scratchbuilt the Chateaugay roundhouse (embossed balsa wood) and the turntable.

  • Kitbashed the main storage building in Arendt's in Chateaugay.

  • Scratchbuilt the Troy lift bridge (before Evergreen styrene strips were available, he cut his own strips).

  • Scratchbuilt the Winooski River bridge in like manner.

  • Built the oil dealer complex in south Chateaugay.

  • Kitbashed the conveyor for the ore loader in North Creek.

  • Kitbashed a couple of Kibri kits (no. 9952) to model the loaders as part of the flotation plant in Tahawus.

Kimberly Stevens '91

Sandy Stewart '76

Thomas Stewart '56

Gregory Stiegler '94

Dr. William Stillman, II '80

Steven Stolper '91

Bill Stone

While in the navy, taught at ROTC at RPI and was a community member.

Lewis B. Stone ‘58

Lewis P. Stone ‘82

Sam Stoughton

Theodore Stoutenberg ‘61

Paul Stoving '93

Student member in the early 1990's.

  • Scratchbuilt the Chester stockyard.

  • Scratchbuilt the fort at Lake George. (Stoving said he liked to build things out of little pieces of wood.)

  • I think he scratchbuilt the steamer dock in Lake George.

  • I think he scratchbuilt the retaining wall along the base of the wood ore trestle in Port Henry.

Richard Stoving

  • Richard is Paul's father, who often claims he sent Paul to RPI just to learn how to build scenery.

  • Richard doesn't live locally and has been deeply involved in New York Central modeling. He has provided us with a bunch of info, however,

Alex Stroshane '07

A student member and club president.
  • Scratchbuilt the New York Central freight house in Green Island.

  • Finished the NYC passenger depot there.

  • Also finished Ray's in Green Island.


Ramanathan Subbiah ‘94

Pranav Subramanian

Kentaro Sugimoto

Taylor Sullivan

Todd Sullivan

Came in as a very experienced and knowledgeable modeler, particularly about rolling stock and operations. One of three people who got us all excited about freight cars.

Singaram Sundaramurthy ‘01

Kevin Surman

Kevin works at RPI and has been a member for several years. He's a past vice-president of the Hudson-Berkshire division of the NMRA. He's an NMRA master modeler. His home layout has been featured in Model Railroader magazine. Lately Kevin has been working on track repairs and installing the track and turnouts on the Addison Branch.

Benjamin Susman ‘06

Dr. Daniel Sutter ‘87


Benjamin Swilling ‘01