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Membership Table of Contents

(List is FAR from complete and who is here and who isn't at this point is arbitrary, along with their contributions, is mostly a function of scattered memories.)

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Robert Rabbin ‘78

Carl Radinger ‘92

Velimir Randic ‘94

Daniel Raver ‘02

Chris Radley

Sarathi Ray


Michael Redden ‘79

Brian Reece ‘03

Christopher Regan ‘00

Dermot Reilly

Thomas Reithinger ‘09

John Renken ‘98

Dr. Michael Repko ‘88

William Reutelhuber ‘85

Robert Reid

Tom Reithinger '09

R. Dale Reeves

Professional architect from Utica. Designed an outside entrance for us c. 1980's.

Chris Regan

Mike Repko


Alan Rice '85

Student c. mid 1980's.

Jennifer Ringuette ‘99

Chris Rittner

Community member from the North Country who joined when he was 12 or so.

Dave Rittner

Chris's father.


Richard Rogalin Jr. ‘94

Jeremy Rogel ‘61

Dr. Donald Rogowski ‘82

Edward Rogowski, Jr. ‘72

Romey Romano

Lee M. Rosenberg ‘98

David Rosenstein ‘01

Harlan Rosenthal ‘76

Arthur Ross ‘82

Marguerite Roth ‘11

Don Robisky '72

Student c. 1970.

Gabriela Rodriguez

Ed Rogowski

Student c. 1970.

Khary Rojas

Lee Rosenberg '98

Lee is the son of Ron, of Ron's Books fame. Lee came to RPI and after graduation, went to work for his father and mother.

  • While here, he started work on scratchbuilding the coke ovens in south Troy, scratchbuilt the wrecking company on 6th Ave. in Troy, and kitbash a Walthers steel snowplow into a wood one.


Edward Ruinello ‘60

Sean Russell ‘00

Michael Russo ‘02