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Membership Table of Contents

(List is FAR from complete and who is here and who isn't at this point is arbitrary, along with their contributions, is mostly a function of scattered memories.)

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Kenneth Paar '64

David Page ‘91

Thomas Papp ‘87

Michael Paquette ‘93

James Parmelee ‘78

Lauren Parker

Rikesh Patel '06

Gary Patrik

Community life-time member.


Dr. Anthony Pechulis ‘92

Jesse Pelletier

Jonathan Pendleton ‘07

Robert Pendleton ‘05

Edwin Perkins ‘92

Paul Perkins ‘60

Christopher Perry ‘07

Scott Pesarcik ‘87

Agatha Pestilli ‘00


Dr. Philip Pfaff '58


Col. David Phillips ‘69

Mjr. William Phillips, II ‘96

David Pickett ‘85

John Pickett's son.

John Pickett

John was an early member who took a bunch of photos on the Rutland in steam days.

Michael Pigott ‘05

Dr. Byron Pipes

He was RPI's president in the 1990's and a strong supporter of the club.

Greg Pittz


Marc Plante ‘91

Allen Plotkin ‘92

Joshua Plottel '14

Student member c. 2015.


Sophia Podber

James Pond ‘89

Bryant Pong '15

Oleksiy Potapov '14

Student member c. 2012.


Anthony Prattico '94

Student member curing the 1990's.

  • I believe it was Anthony who scratchbuilt the Rutland coaling tower.

  • I believe Anthony scratchbuilt the Lake George creamery and freight house.


Massimo Puccio

Eric Purdy

Harold Purdy '64