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All-Time Membership Table of Contents
Membership Table of Contents

(List is FAR from complete and who is here and who isn't at this point is arbitrary, along with their contributions, is mostly a function of scattered memories.)

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William Mahany ‘86

Owen Malbec ‘84

Jason Malyil ‘04

George Robert Mangels Jr. ‘86

Donald Manza ‘57

Brian Mardirosian ‘00

Nicholas Mariani ‘09

Michael Martines ‘92

Gerard Martorano ‘90

Susan Marvin ‘86

Michael Masters ‘02

Michael Matula ‘02

Thaddeus May ‘58

Morton Mayer ‘53

Peter Mazurek ‘92

Brian MacLeod

Peter Madzelan

Mat Maessen

Pete Marshall

Michael Martines

Mike Matula

Student member c. 2000. Drew up plans of the coke ovens in south Troy.

M. Mayer

Student member c. 1950.

Pete Mazurek


Richard McClain ‘73

John McCullough ‘56

James McEntee ‘14

Edward McKinney

David McMorris ‘87

Toby McPheeters ‘97

Tom McElroy

James McEntee

Ed McKinney


Brian Menyuk '95

Erik Metzger ‘98

Dave Messer '60

Student member and remained in the area (Wynantskill). Wrote a number of hobby articles.

Danielle Merriam '99

Victor Mesch '57


Nicholas Michelangelo '17

Student member c. 2014.

William Middleton

Student member in the early days of the club. Wrote two books, The Interurban Era and Time of the Trolley.

Edward J. Miller '59

Edward R. Miller '58

Michael Miller '16

Student member c. 2012.

Bill Mischler '69

  • Student member c. late '60's. Scratchbuilt the coaling tower for Chateaugay, following plans for the Alexander coaling tower. (The tower was later modified.)

  • Scratchbuilt the Chateaugay sanding tower, from a Jack Work article in Model Railroader.

  • Scratchbuilt the water tower, I think by following plans for the Campbell water tower.

  • Scratchbuilt the Chateaugay depot.

  • Designed the neb+w post-steam scheme.

Benjamin Mizera


Phillip Moberg Jr. ‘77

Jim Moffatt

Andy Mohr

Local community member in the 1990's.

Donna Grace Moleta

Student member c. 2015 and E-Board member.

Madeline Montero

Greg Moore ‘90

James Morris ‘13

Terri Moses ‘92

James Morris

Student member c. 2012.

Bob Mortell


Salman Mukhtar '00

Claude Mulford '62

John Munson '79

Colin Murphy

Dr. Luc Yves Murphy '85

Steve Muskicwicz '96

Student member in the 1990's.