NEB&W All-Time Guide to Club Members - L

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All-Time Membership Table of Contents
Membership Table of Contents

(List is FAR from complete and who is here and who isn't at this point is arbitrary, along with their contributions, is mostly a function of scattered memories.)

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Andrew LeBlanc ‘04

Chin-Chen Lee ‘04

Man Soom Lee ‘99

David Leemhuis ‘74

Joseph Lenskold ‘96

Laurie Leonard ‘92

Nathan Lestage ‘01

Arthur Levenstein ‘61

Yifan Liang ‘13

Yishu Liu ‘13

Thomas Lloyd ‘64


Daniel Lacey ‘85

Alan Lagocki ‘75

Cindy Hsin-yi Lai ‘98

Benjamin Lam ‘15

Charles Larom ‘57

Dr. Tsz Yam Lau ‘12

James Lauser ‘05

Kevin Law ‘15

David Lazar ‘60

Dan Lacey

Student member and president of the club at the time Model Railroader came to videograph our layout in 1984, hence he was the narrator for our section of this video.

Cindy Lai

Benjamin Lam

Stanley Landgraf

Alumnus and member of the Board of Trustees, he became acting RPI president and supporting member of the club.

Alison Lane

C. Larom

Student member c. 1950.

Eddie Lau

Also see his blog.

James Lauser '05

Student member c. 2000. Stayed in the area after graduation and continues to attend our operating sessions.

Dylan Law

Kevin Law '15

Student member c. 2010.

Kurt Law

Student member c. 1950. I think he passed away at an early age.


Andrew Le Blanc

Student member c. 1990's.

Joe Lenshold

Frank Lenz '85

Student member c. mid 1980's.


Yifan Liang

Chesh Lindley

Yishu Liu



Cynthia Lo '01

Edward Loizeaux '63

Louis Loizides '03

Jack Lorthioir '73


Kevin Luczak '12

Jay Luppino

Student member c. 2014.


Corey Lynch '04

RPI student in the early 2000's. Corey did a huge amount of work on the layout to keep it running. He also reworked the operating session paperwork to make sessions run smoother. We still use a lot of Corey's session plans. After Corey left school he went to work for Union Pacific and now works for Pan Am.