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All-Time Membership Table of Contents
Membership Table of Contents

(List is FAR from complete and who is here and who isn't at this point is arbitrary, along with their contributions, is mostly a function of scattered memories.)

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Don Haback ‘58

Anttoni Hakola ‘84

James Hall ‘98

Richard Handverger ‘64

Christopher Hardy ‘95

Wilson Baker Harkins, III ‘79

Kathryn Harmon ‘16

Eric Harrison ‘05

Richard Hartt ‘70

John Harvey ‘94

William Haskins ‘87

James Haslam ‘79

Chuck Haley

Community member, big-time Pennsy modeler.

  • Built the working ball signal for Rutland yard and a Bethlehem Car Works PRR horsecar.

James Hall

Kevin Hall

Wil Harkins

From 1975 to 1979.

Kathryn Harmon

Eric Hartmann

John Harvey

Very active student member, including doing a lot of scenery work in the area between North Bennington and Lake George.


David Herbert '63

Raymond Hessinger '89

Aaron Henshaw

Student member c. 1990's.

Ray Hessinger

Member in the 1980's.

  • Built the complicated trackwork in Manning Paper in Green Island.

  • Scratchbuilt the concrete ore dock in Port Henry. (I believe he made a master, then a mold, and cast the piers in plaster. The slope sheets were made of balsa.)


Dwayne Hickman, Jr. '03

Jay Hindmarsh '99


David Hoadley '62

Charles Hochstein '78

Anthony Hodun ‘75

Lt. Donald Joseph Hodun ‘81

Carl Hoff ‘68

Stuart Hoffer ‘56

Leslie Hoffman ‘48

David Hollner ‘00

Timothy Holls ‘67

Comdr. Benjamin Hom ‘89

Walter Hood ‘72

Dr. Roger Hoppmann ‘56

Richard Hosmer

Mathias Hotaling ‘02

Dave Hoadley

Student member back in the 1960's or so.

Dan Hoang

Philip Hoddinott

Student member.

Don Hodun

Student member early '70's. Younger brother to Tony.

Tony Hodun

Student member early '70's. Older brother to Don.

Les Hoffman

One of the first club members and president, in the 1940's.

Christopher Hoff

Graduate student c. 2015.

Ben Hom '89

Dick Hosmer

Dick loved track. He built a lot of the early trackwork on the layout, including the double-slip switches in Troy. But he also gave all of us a greater appreciation and some knowledge about track.

Mathias Hotaling

Student member c. 1990's.

Paul Hotaling

Student member.


Milton Hubbard ‘83

Geoffrey Hubbs ‘75

Paul Hubbs ‘80

Francesca Huber ‘16

Steven Hurst ‘71

Charles Huss ‘72

Francesca Huber '16

Student member.

Geoff Hubbs '75

Geoff Hubbs was a student c. class of 1974 or so. His family was nearby, in Averill Park. After graduation, he worked for awhile down in metropolitan area and just about every weekend, he would come up to Troy, stay with his parents and work on the layout.

  • Geoff designed the original electrical system for this layout.

  • Just at the end of the last layout, he started working on a small module of State Line tunnels. Even though he never got much past the plaster hardshell terrain, it was this that led us to include these tunnels on our layout.

  • Geoff scratchbuilt a model of the North Bennington water tower. (I think he also did the freight house here.)

  • I believe he scratchbuilt the yard tower for North Bennington, too.

  • I believe he scratchbuilt the Vergennes freight house.

  • Geoff built some Campbell kits for girder bridges, I believe the pair at Gassetts and the North Creek one.

Paul Hubbs

Student member early '70's and younger brother to Geoff. Scratchbuilt the O&LR freight house in Chateaugay.

Sean Hurst

Student member c. 2015.