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All-Time Membership Table of Contents
Membership Table of Contents

(List is FAR from complete and who is here and who isn't at this point is arbitrary, along with their contributions, is mostly a function of scattered memories.)

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Victor Grappone ‘77

Jean-Paul Gravell ‘51

Jonathan Green ‘04

Gene Greger ‘91


Thomas Gabriel ‘92

Michael Galayda ‘94

Christopher Gamble ‘13

Matthew Garretson ‘92

John Garrity ‘01

Carrie M. Gah??in

Christopher Gamble

Matt Garretson


Joseph Geller ‘72

Amanda George ‘12

Leonard George ‘90

Matthew Germanowski ‘18

Amanda George

Perry Gerakines

Matthew Germanowski

Student member c. 2015. Working on the signalling system.


Brady Gibbons '92

Clifton Gibson '01

Michael Giehl '12

Bill Gill

Bill is Will's father, who got him interested in trains in the first place. Bill is a long-distance member.

  • Bill scratchbuilt the front of Keveny Academy in Cohoes and finished the side.

  • Bill finished Will's kitbash model of Star Woolen in Cohoes.

  • Bill has done some incredibly-details vehicles.

  • Bill has built some lumber and pulpwood loads for existing gons.

  • All of the above has appeared in various issues of Railroad Model Craftsman.

  • Also see Bill's blog.

Will Gill '03

Will was an RPI student and very active member around 2000. After graduation, he stayed in the area and teaches at RPI.

William Cooper Gill '03

Dr. Carl Ginsburg '57


Jeffrey Glasberg ‘91

George Glomb ‘71


Mitchell Gold ‘02

Paul Goldner ‘56

Jason Golieb ‘01

David Good ‘73

David Goodwin ‘61

Lester Gordy ‘69

Mike Goblet

Mike was a community member about two decades ago when he was a manager at Troy Savings Bank. He has since moved out of the area.

Leo Gonzales

Bob Gow '72

Was a member in the early '70's when we were working on our third layout. He built a number of structures for that layout, but I think the truss bridge going up the branch line was built by him, and that we still use.


Vic Grappone '78

Vic was an RPI student and club member in the early to mid-'70's. Although he has moved out of the area, he has become a Life Member.

Kevin Green

Peter Groenewegen

John Grosh

Ten-year old son of Dr. Richard Grosh, president of RPI c. early 1970's. Despite his age at the time, he set the bar for how mature a young person could be. As a result, we don't have an age limit for membership.

Rob Gross

Community member from the Bennington, VT area. He modified some freight cars and built a small building for Rutland yard.


Ms. Qin Gu ‘13

Paul Guditz ‘73

Ameesh Gupta ‘99

Qin Gu

Paul Guditz

Paul was a member in the late-'60's, early-'70's, at the third layout.

Doug Gurin

Doug founded the Layout Design SIG. He was a supporting member.

Greg Gutgsell

Greg was a community member from Bettendorf, IA (of truck fame).