NEB&W All-Time Guide to Club Members - F

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All-Time Membership Table of Contents
Membership Table of Contents

(List is FAR from complete and who is here and who isn't at this point is arbitrary, along with their contributions, is mostly a function of scattered memories.)

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David Farmer, Jr. '75

Frank Fazekas '89

Myron Fedak '73

Daniel Ferens '69

Frank Filz '85

Michael J. Flanagan '51

Dermod Flinn '78

Theodore Flowers '51

Kathleen Flynn '15

Thomas Flynn '99

Joseph Forish '00

David Forster '04

Morris Fowler '57

John Frey '51

Stewart Fritts '53

John Fritz '86

Erik Fritzberg '02

Timothy Frosell '85

Dr. Charles Fullgraf '75

Mark Fellenz

Mike Flanagan

Artist who lived in New York City and vacationed up in the Chatham area. His art work was renown and generally featured railroad subjects. Community member who has since passed away.

Barry Floyd

Barry joined when he was still in high school. Then he came to RPI and continued as a student member. If I remember correctly, he was the guy who came up with the idea of using rubbing alcohol as the wetting agent for securing ballast, scale dirt, etc. with a diluted white glue mix.

Kathleen Flynn

Dave Forster

Dave scratchbuilt the master for the massive stone culvert for Vergennes.

Alex Formanek

D. Patrick Fougere

Erik Fritzberg