NEB&W All-Time Guide to Club Members - D

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All-Time Membership Table of Contents
Membership Table of Contents

(List is FAR from complete and who is here and who isn't at this point is arbitrary, along with their contributions, is mostly a function of scattered memories.)

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Joshua Damesek ’87

Andy Daniel ‘81

Brett D'Arco '14

Student member c. 2015.

Gordon Davids ‘63

William Davison '58


Victor De Bonis '78

Dr. John Deagle '66

Justin Lewis Dechen '01

Daniel Francis Delany '00

A. Michael DelPrete '01

Samuel Demeritt '62

Joseph Demore '97

Vincent Derobertis '86

Matthew Delligatti

Marcie DelVecchio

Marcie works for RPI Public Safety. She joined the club in 2012.

Alix Demers

Joe Demore

Abbott deRham

Morgan Desmond

Morgan scratchbuilt the model of the Cohoes Post Office. He has since moved out of the area.


Aaron Dilapi '00

Nathanael Diller '03

Mark Dingman '94


Elyse Kramer Doherty '12

Thomas Donlon

Stanley Doret '66

David Dorfman '77

Padraic Doyle '02

Hank Donnelly

Hank has been a community member of the club for a number of years now.


David Drozd

David Druckerman '83

Albert Drummond '84


David Ducharme '93

Dr. Steven Dunn '75

Horton Durfee

Wife worked for RPI and Horton was a community member who faithfully showed up each week to run trains at our regular open houses in the 1990's.