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All-Time Membership Table of Contents
Membership Table of Contents

(List is FAR from complete and who is here and who isn't at this point is arbitrary, along with their contributions, is mostly a function of scattered memories.)

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Michael Cadigan, Jr. '04

Ed Cady

Community member.

Raymond Cardwell '83

Alan Carey '12

Christopher Carlton-Jones '82

James Carole '88

Dr. Jason Carvalho '98

David Cary '67

David Cassidy '07

Christopher Catinella '06

Gary Cattarin '85

Joseph Calabrese '78

Thomas Candina '85

Hank Carbone

C. Carlin

Student member c. 1950.

Tom Carroll

Professor at RPI in H&SS. Later head of the Hudson-Mohawk Industrial Gateway. Community supporter of the club.



David Chase ‘84

Ms. Mr. John Paul Chester ‘93

Carl Chu ‘95

Bill Chapin '77

Bill was a member in the mid-'70's and was nicknamed "Chooch". He modeled New Haven.

Brent Chartrand '95

Student member who lived near the Rutland right-of-way in VT. I believe he scratchbuilt the old ice house in Rutland, including its prototype lean.

Winnie Chau '11

Peng Cheng

Carl Chu

William Chu

Student member during the 1990's.


Ryan Cicchiello

Daniel Cincunegui '87


Dyson Clapp ‘80

Alden Clark, Jr. ‘54

Paul Clegg ‘95

Katherine Clemente

Andy Clermont

Andy came from a railroad family. I believe his father and grandfather both worked for the Rutland. He was a community member while attending SUNY in Albany. He has written several modeling articles that have appeared in Model Railroader magazine and his layout of the Rutland has also been featured in MR.

  • Scratchbuilt the coaling tower in North Bennington.

  • Scratchbuilt the depot in Proctor.

  • Scratchbuilt the freight shed in Proctor.

Dean Clough

Joined while still attending Colonie High School.


Mary Ellen Contard ‘02

Darcie Cook ‘11

John Coombs ‘90

P. Garfield Cooper ‘57

John Corelli ‘88

Alan Corp ‘57

Paul Cote ‘92

Brendan Courson ‘18

Jennifer Conley

Brian Cook

Brendan Courson

Jeff Cox


Gardiner Cross ‘87


John V. Cuddy '58

Mark Culler '88